Our Network…Broken memory stick data recovery partners

We have a Network of local, regional, and national businesses, schools, colleges and partners that we save customers USB’s for including customers that have gone to PC world for help first then been referred on to us and many teachers that have found us through our strong links with the teachers unions.

We are also very proud of the fact that we have recovered data for and have glowing testimonials from clients within both the fire and police services who came to us after their computer departments had been unable to recover any data for them!

broken memory stick data recovery partnersIf you need a speedy, reliable and affordable USB repair service or want to offer USB data recovery as a service to your customers and clients then you may want to consider becoming one of our business partners. We will save your customers USB’s at an affordable price and you can charge the customer an appropriate fee on top of that, saving you time and money!

The going rate for USB data recovery is approximatley £60-380.  According to our customers some companies have even been known to charge in excess of £750! If you would like to become a SaveMyUSB business partner then please contact us and a SaveMyUSB representative will be in touch to discuss our Business Partner options.

SaveMyUSB broken memory stick data recovery partners

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