How to fix a broken USB memory stick

Your USB flash memory stick has broken and the realization has just hit you that you have lost all of your important documents.  The first thing that you do is panic and try to connect the device your self. This is very risky as it can cause further damage to the on-board memory chip [its a bit like pulling the memory stick in and out without clicking on "safely remove hardware"]. Once you find out that this does not work you search the Internet to find out how to fix a broken USB memory stick, and if you are reading this message now you have definitely come to the right place!  If you really want the best chances of getting all of your documents back, all that you need to do is follow our very simple advice.  In this article we are going to try and outline some of the common problems with broken memory sticks and some of the consequences of trying to fix your memory pen yourself.

Before thinking about How to fix a broken USB memory stick yourself you should consider the consequences making things worse!

The information in this article is only here as a guide on How to fix a broken USB memory stick.  There are a number of specialists out there like us and to ensure you have the best possible chance of recovery we would recommend that you do your HWK, read a companies testimonials and stick to a flash memory recovery specialist rather than a local computer shop or ICT technician.

We specialise in data recovery from damaged and faulty USB memory sticks.  Its actually all we do and we have many years experience in this very specialised field.  We have a state of the art laboratory with both the technology and expertise to recover from all makes and models of flash memory devices and perform what is known as a direct memory read.  For this very reason it does not matter to us what condition your damaged or broken memory stick is, as long as the Flash memory chip has survived and it is of industry standard construction then we can recover for you.

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Common consequences of reading other articles on How to fix a broken USB memory stick include:

  1. How do you know that the fault in the tutorial is the same as yours?
  2. Uncontrolled heat from a soldering iron can cause permanent damage to PCB’s and other delicate surface mount components and IC’s.
  3. Even the same make and model USB flash memory stick (ie Sandisk Cruiser Slice) can have a totally different PCB layout once you open the case.
  4. USB flash memory pens with exactly the same make and model flash chip (ie Toshiba or Samsung) can have a totally different flash chip model number.
  5. USB flash memory sticks with exactly the same make and model flash chip (ie Toshiba or Samsung) can have a totally different controller chip.
  6. USB thumb drives with exactly the same Flash chip and Controller chip combination can have a completely different controller chip algorithm.

This article is a work in progress draft, more info and supporting photographs coming soon.

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