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  1. Yazmin says:

    I cannot thank SaveMyUSB enough! A day before a new term was about to start and my USB head snapped off! Every avenue I ventured down told me my data was likely lost forever [which equated to over 2 years worth of planning, assessments etc.] SaveMyUSB called me within hours to assure me that my data had been safely retrieved and even forwarded me files that I urgently needed. Cannot rate them highly enough! If I were to ever have a USB emergency [high unlikely now, as I've backed up about 7 times!] I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.
    Thank you once again!

  2. Jerome says:

    Very good service. Fast and sufficient. very good commination skills before and when your memory stick is fixed and are also very friendly. I would recommend them highly if you are In need of a repair as my memory stick had snapped and they were still able to recover my files. Very impressed with the service, thank you.

  3. Kate Armstrong says:

    Delighted with the swift service. All communications have been excellent and instructions clear. Very grateful for the data recovery from a broken USB. Would definitely recommend this service because of its efficiency and ease of use.

  4. Alison Martin says:

    Absolutely delighted just received my Disc with all the information that was on my USB on. You are life savers.
    The disc has all My Husbands business Invoices and Headers on which I had never saved anywhere else but
    on my USB, will now back up to other places rather than my USB. Worth every penny. Thank you again

  5. Leo says:

    I hardly ever leave reviews but it’s the least I can do to thank SaveMyUSB, who have saved me a whole load of grief! I’m an aspiring composer/arranger, currently working on some music to a deadline, and when my USB got bent while in my laptop I went into complete panic and despair!! I hadn’t backed up some of the files (a mistake I will never make again!) and, having found SaveMyUSB and read all the great reviews, sent off my broken USB in the hope that they could rescue my files… As everyone else says, the communication and customer service is fantastic, I got a conformation email very quickly. Five days on I have just been phoned by Rachel (who is lovely!) and told that my files have been recovered – I couldn’t be more grateful! She has even offered to email them straight away so I don’t have to wait for the CD-ROM in the post. Thank you SO MUCH!

  6. George Hardwick says:

    Wow! Phew! While hoovering (yes,I know!), I knocked my computer on the floor and bent my memory stick badly.When I tried to straighten it and push it into the USB thingy,it ended up in pieces.On the memory stick were thousands of local history pictures of Clacton-my whole collectionhe last 40 years (and some teaching plans-but I wasn’t so worried about them!).I registered my memory stick for repair and I was soon given instructions where and how to send it.The communication with SavemyUSB.Co.Uk over the next few days was excellent and yes…despite the terrible state of my stick-all my files and photos were saved and transferred to a new memory stick.No deposit was required and the pricing is explained on their website.You pay nothing until they have your data restored.I’m really impressed ! They’re such a friendly and helpful centre.Thank you so much!

  7. Kelly says:

    Oh my god! Thanks so much to all the staff at Save my USB! I accidentally kicked my memory stick whilst in the front of my PC tower which of course damaged it so much. I’d actually snapped the board from the metal adapter! I did ask my dad who’s pretty good with a soldering iron however he said that looking closely at it, it looked like i’d ripped it from the copper board!?!?!?
    I googled online and came across Save my USB. I must admit I was skeptical to send it away however had nothing to lose in trying. I opted for the 29 Day package as my 25GB worth of memory on my family photos were not too urgent. I was patient and let my time run over before bothering them. When I did call, a lady called me back and even told me if i needed anything else, to just give her a call on the number she called me from which was her personal number. She was so helpful, located my order, tested a few of the pictures and even read back the files the USB stick contained! All perfect. It was then returned to me with all my precious photos on 5 disks and they even returned the damaged USB. I also received a discount on the cost due to them overrunning! I cannot say thank you to all involved enough!!

  8. Mike Blackburn says:

    Great service! My Sandisk Cruzer Blade (small plastic USD drive with the connectors embedded in the chip board) was bent whilst in my laptop, and this clearly snapped the connectors inside the board. A lot of data lost, it seemed. I looked at a couple of other USB service people, then after a bit of thought and reading reviews, decided to send it off to SavemyUSB. A good decision, SavemyUSB were able to retrieve the lot. Communications were excellent, the recovery was completed on schedule, and the pay on results provided security.

    Lesson learnt, now I will be backing up a lot more frequently.

  9. Sally says:

    Wow! What fantastic service!!! From the first telephone call enquiry to receiving my data this morning,the service provided could not have been better! I was kept up to date by Rachel who was very informative,friendly and professional throughout. After dropping my usb on a hard floor (yes with no back up, lesson learnt!) I contacted Rachel on Monday afternoon and after using the 48hr service I received my data this morning. Also after registering my device at around 9pm Monday night, Rachel rang 15mins later to say she had received my request and promptly emailed me the details of what to do next. Amazing service! So when you think all is lost,contact these guys!!! Thank you!!!!!

  10. T. Bousfield says:

    Wow – what a fantastic service! When my USB broke, I thought I was doomed. I hadn’t back it up for 2 weeks and I had accumulated lots of work (without realising) in that time. A colleague recommended this website, saying it was good. Having now received my files back, I can totally agree. Utterly brilliant!
    I hope I never have the misfortune to need such a service again, but should any of my friends, colleagues or family ever need this kind of thing, I would most certainly recommend. It was worth every pound.
    Thank you!

  11. Raheem says:

    A superb service from start to finish. Communication was exemplary, I was kept informed throughout the process and delighted when I heard they had successfully recovered my data. Rachel could not have been any more helpful, she kindly emailed two time sensitive files enabling me to meet a client deadline. The service options are clearly priced with no hidden charges, so the amount you see is the amount you pay. If you need to recover your files from a USB stick, you should look no further than savemyusb. Highly recommended.

  12. Lauren says:

    My usb stopped being recognised by computers and the makers of the usb said it had become faulty and files may not be recovered. The usb had all my coursework and I didn’t have it backed up so I looked up companies which specialise in recovering files off broken memory sticks and found
    They recovered ALL my files within a day of having my usb pen so no waiting around! great service would recommend to anyone in a similar situation!

  13. Kayleigh says:

    Amazing service from start to finish! After knocking my usb whilst it was in my laptop, it was no longer recognised and there were thousands of files not backed up (which seems really silly now!) and like so many other customers I am a teacher and this was hours and hours of work. I sent it to PC World Knowhow initially and after losing my stick, finding it again and keeping it for over three weeks, they told me that the data was not retrievable. I posted it to savemyusb on Wednesday and they just received it on Thursday, confirming all files have been recovered!
    These guys have the most amazing communication skills, getting back in touch very quickly even on Friday nights! The price is very reasonable if, like me, your lost files are worth so much to you. I cannot thank them enough for their outstanding service and would recommend them to anyone! Thank you so much!
    P.s. PC World don’t know how!

  14. Jo Slade says:

    What a life saver! I’d got all my important files saved on to a memory stick which I hadn’t back up lately. When the USB part bent and I couldn’t access anything I was lost, with the daunting thought of starting again will everything. Luckily I found online and three days after breaking the memory stick I have a DVD with all my files on. Brilliant! Thanks Gareth :-)

  15. Fiona says:

    Just AMAZING!! A massive Thank You to Gareth for saving my USB files and my sanity! As a teacher, writing reports are – admittedly – the least favourite part of my job. They take absolutely ages and as a self-admitted perfectionist, I probably take longer than most to complete them.
    The scenario: an estactic me finishes my final report (way before the school deadline) and decides to make myself a cup of tea as a mini celebration before my final proof -read. I stupidly leave my laptop on the sofa and exit the room. Three month old kitten who has been living with us for two weeks, realises that he now has the chance to explore the flashing thing that he has been shooed away from all day and happily jumps onto my laptop, which crashes to the floor and bends my USB stick upwards. I have not backed anything up (stupid thing No.2) and now my USB is kaput. All my work for the last two months is gone and the realisation of this nearly sends me into overdrive. After a sleepless night, I take my USB into work and ask all the IT knowledgeable people I know to see if they can salvage anything – no luck and finally the shock hits me, I am going to have to re-do everything – in a week!! Colleagues suggest recovery specialists but the highly expensive prices and long wait times I’m told are just not feasible and I am ready to crawl into a dark hole and burst into howling sobs.
    After a long and frantic search, I stumble across this website. Reading through the options available and the testimonials, I decide to fill in a request to save my USB and receive a call from Gareth later that day. From that first call, the customer service I have received has been brilliant and even following unforeseen circumstances, Gareth was understanding, patient and true to his every word. I chose the 48 hour option and posted my USB on Thursday and received a call on Sunday to say that my files had been recovered! Gareth patiently went through the folders and files to ensure me that what he had recovered was indeed my work and sent a link for me to access the files online before the delivery of my disc which I received today with every single piece of work I had done on it.
    What a difference a week makes – the relief I now feel is unquestionable. If you have any doubts, remove them from your mind now and contact these guys immediately – they are professional, honest and offer a quick and reliable service. True lifesavers – I will make sure to spread the word and of course, back up any future work I do! Once again, thank you :)

  16. Rani says:

    Unfortunately I accidentally broke the top of my USB stick and after that I couldn’t retrieve my data on the stick, this stressed me out so much as there was important information on the USB which stupidly I hadn’t backed up. So in a state of panic I spoke to a guy in my IT dept at work who made me feel even worse by saying that was it all my information had gone for good. So I want back to my desk and decided to google this and savemyusb came up straight away so I looked thought the website filled out online form and reluctantly sent my broke USB off and much to my pleasant surprise a few days later I had an email to say all the information was recovered and waiting on a disk to send me. I cannot express what this meant to me. I would highly recommend savemyusb to anyone finding themselves in the same or similar situation. Great service and great communication at all times. Thanks savemyusb you made me very happy and now I have backed all information.

  17. keeley says:

    I thought my pen drive was a goner! until I found these guys on the internet who offered a no fix no pay policy, I thought there’s nothing to lose! I packaged up my pen drive and sent it in and to my complete amazement it was returned with all my files saved. I will definitely recommend this company to everyone thank you so much.

  18. Chris says:

    I made the mistake of taking my broken USB stick to a local company who tried to repair it, I was told it was corrupted. Having nothing to lose I decided to send it of to savemyusb well I cannot tell you the relief when Gareth emailed to say they had recovered the data, so nice to find people who know what they are doing and don’t charge the earth. I Cannot recommended highly enough! Thanks Gareth.

  19. Nicole Sheehan says:

    I put my snapped USB in the post the day before Good Friday and had an e-mail by the Saturday evening saying “We have successfully retrieved all of the recoverable data from your USB drive!” Couldn’t believe how quickly they had managed to deal with it, despite it being Easter weekend.

    When I e-mailed to ask if recoverable meant they had not been able to save everything, Gareth kindly phoned me himself to explain everything and literally went through the files he could see, etc, over the phone to reassure me all was well with my documents.

    Save My USB are speedy, efficient and have brilliant customer service, which is what you really want when you think you have lost all your precious files/documents. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who thinks their USB is broken/damaged beyond repair and would use them again myself if I am stupid enough not back everything up more regularly in future!

  20. USB decided not to work one day – sent into panic of losing a mix of important work documents but also family photos – Gareth and his team saved the day! Even when we discovered that not all the information had been recovered, Gareth was brilliant and went to the extra lengths to do the process again at no extra cost to ensure everything had been recovered. Brilliant service and I would recommend every time….there should be more businesses likes this one!

  21. lyn lewis says:

    Great service, many thanks : )

  22. Tony says:

    Saved my life! Well, the two months I’d have spent re-entering the data they rescued. Fantasic relief. Quick too – they received on Monday, I got the data back on Thursday morning. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  23. Dafydd says:

    What can I say apart from thanks lifesavers!!! great quick and efficient service would recommend to anyone!!!

  24. Philisha Reid-Kanon says:

    This is the most reliable USB fixing service I know!
    All my files had been recovered after I thought all was lost.
    The professionalism of this service was amazing and I will surely spread the word!!

  25. Nayan says:

    The guys at are brilliant, so helpful and super fast data recovery. Always in contact with you so you know what’s happening. Would absolutely recommend if you need data recovery, my USB stick was completely dead and they saved it all. WELL DONE GUYS……….

  26. Louise Fry says:

    Thank you so much for saving my work, the service was efficient and on time with accordance to what was on the website. I had my whole work for two units on the USB and forgot to print the work (massive error). After handing in the USB to independent companies and them not being able to retrieve anything I kind of lost hope. But a massive a thank you to Gareth and the team who managed to save my work and keep my university dream ongoing.
    I have now learnt an important and expensive lesson of backing up the USB, however I would strongly recommend using this company if you ever have problems they are efficient and quick. Once Again thank you!

  27. Clifford Fry says:

    I can not speak to highly about Gareth and his staff, they are absolutely brilliant at retrievind data from broken/damaged USBs my daughter had all her college terms work on her USB which had to be handed in a week later if it had not been for savemyusb my daughter would not be going to university later this year, thank you again sooo much

  28. Unbelievable, they have saved my life!! the USB was my back up and had over a years work on it, when I couldn’t access my information I had melt down just before Christmas, then my daughter told me about this organisation who saved her life with all her dissertation work retrieved after her mini melt down. They are amazing, efficient, effective and definitely all that was written on the box is what they do!! Reliable, honest and professional.
    I cannot thank them enough, forever grateful.x

  29. Emma Pearson says:

    I can’t thank Gareth enough for recovering the data from my USB. As a teacher I thought I had lost a lot of work, planning and other data but Gareth was great; from first logging my USB for recovery, I was kept fully informed and my USB and data were back very quickly. I was very stressed but I was put at ease with a hassle free, quick service.

  30. Carol Flux says:

    Gareth and the team are brilliant. I snapped my memory stick and thought I might have lost three months of Family History Research. But no, they retrieved it speedily. Thanks.

  31. Mark New says:

    Great responsive, quick and effective service. Left my USB in computer overnight, cleaner bent 90 degrees and snapped the USB head off complete. Contacted SaveMyUSB that day, sent off as instructed and have received back less than 1 week later, all information returned. Fantastic! Excellent comms and service received cannot be faulted – Mark.

  32. Chloe Purves says:

    I can not thank the SaveMyUsb team enough! Just before going on holiday I snapped my San disk Cruzer Blade in my computer. The USB contained 2 months worth of College work on , that I had stupidly not backed up. I went to the College technicians and they told me not to get my hopes up as it was unlikely that my files could be retrieved, but despite their negativity I sent it off to SaveMyUsb and 48 hours later I got a email while on holiday saying they had retrieved all my files. I wouldn’t of been able to carry on and hopefully get my Uni place without them! They are defiantly highly recommended. The only advice I would give is give the company time to get back to you as I was going to give up after a day due to them saying usual times been quick to get back to you, but they were so busy they couldn’t get hold of me that day. Thankyou again !!!

  33. Fraser Muirhead says:

    A huge thanks to Gareth and the guys at
    What started as a major stress when my usb stick broke turned out to be one of the best customer experiences to date.
    Refreshing nowadays to deal with a business that is quick, straight forward and professional.
    The team were able to reassure me that most usb problems were recoverable and stuck to their word from start to finish. Any questions I had that weren’t able to be answered from the website received a same-day reply.

    Would recommend this team to anyone. Many thanks

  34. Keith Taberer says:

    I can only say “Many Thanks” for everyone else had written my USB stick off as to damaged to recover, but you managed to save everything! MANY THANKS! Great Service, Great Communication, Great value for money!

  35. Peter W says:

    Superb service – quick, efficient and excellent communication. Having the prices clearly laid out in advance is a major plus. And they recovered all the data on a stick that was broken in half! Definitely recommended

  36. Christopher M says:

    Thank you for saving my bacon! Yours is an extremely efficient, swift and courteous service when other professionals had said that the memory stick was dead and the files could not be recovered but you proved them wrong; thank you!

  37. Matthew Cain says:

    When my sandisk cruzer snapped at the neck I was directed by sandisk to one of their data recovery partners. I was quoted a minimum of £169 just to look the the damage and further payment if recovery was successful. I researched data recovery companies myself and stumbled upon Their testimonials say it all but it is not until you use their service that you realise that they are not selective testimonials but a true reflection of the level of professionalism and service you can expect. I was kept informed at every stage of the process and although I feared the files were lost forever the team at SaveMyUSB recovered everything. I received my disc well in advance of the estimated time to complete, some 12 days early.

  38. Dom says:

    Very professional company. Kept me informed throughout with clear explanation of methodology, costs and timings. All data was successfully recovered from a snapped memory stick. Would recommend to anyone. Many thanks.

  39. Barbara James says:

    SanDisk Cruzer was broken in two. Local PC repair shop couldnt retrieve any data, I sent it to SavemyUSB and all data was retrieved and returned well within the advertised timescale. Thanks for the excellent service :-)

  40. Sophie Riley says:

    BEST COMPANY EVER!!!!!! Amazing service and great customer service. Work done on time as promised with no hidden or extra charges applied. Very very helpful and service excellent value for money. I was quoted an unbelievable £700 elsewhere. Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended company.

  41. Sian Kett says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Would definitely recommend. I was devastated when my son broke our usb stick, because it had all his photos on from when he was a baby right up till now. Pricless moments i thought were lost. Thank you so much.

  42. Andrew M says:

    Transitioning between laptops I managed to bend and break the high capacity USB drive I had just used to back up my family’s data. Unable to read anything I contacted and Gareth was great and very re-assuring. With the USB drive holding a lot of confidential data, family documents and pictures I was as concerned about confidentiality in sending the drive away as much as having potentially lost all my data. Gareth gave me a number of options to overcome my concerns but in the end I trusted him to receive the broken USB through his normal postal process and I was delighted when he contacted me to say all of my files had been recovered. They are now back on my laptop and double backed-up this time!! Great job Gareth and thank you once again.

  43. Natalie S says:

    Thank you so much!All my work from the past two years retrieved successfully and earlier than expected too!Wonderful service.

  44. Robert Williams says:

    Thank you for saving my degree! All my dissertation work was on my usb and not backed up. Woke up one morning and usb was not working at all with all my work up. Sent it to savemeusb straight away and got it back within 5 days with all the work saved on dvd’s at no extra cost. Great efficient service and no rip off prices, which was particularly important for me as a student! would definitely recommend to anyone! :)

  45. Iain McBride says:

    Excellent service! I highly recommend SavemyUSB. Clear, concise communications. I damaged a USB stick inserted at the back of my laptop when lifting the laptop. The directory structure, data and application files were all recovered and all returned on a DVD for the cheapest price I found on the internet.

  46. What a relief when we received a phone call from late on Friday night (what service) to say they had retrieved all my daughters course work for her ‘A’ levels. We received an excellent, personal service and are truly grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and will definitely recommend them. Thank you again I have one happy daughter!!

  47. Lissa Creese says:

    Thank you so much for saving my daughters GCSE course work. The USB snapped, we then tried to solder it back together, which naturally did not work. With no back ups made we had a bit of a panic. Contacted this website. They were great Garath was very calm and talked me through what to do next. I sent the USB off on Monday and by Friday all the work had been recovered and returned to my daughter. Would highly recommend their services.

  48. Iain says:

    Huge thanks to the team. I thought I’d lost over 7 years of work due to a physically damaged USB stick. After a good search, I found these guys who retrieved the data, in very good time for a very reasonable price! Thank you! (off to make backups now…)

  49. Jim Brooks says:

    The people at were excellent. Not only in their technical ability to recover a badly messed up usb stick, but in their excellent and flexible approach to customer service.

    Thanks, Gareth

  50. Kayleigh says:

    Thank you savemyusb!
    After unfortunately dropping my laptop early hours of the morning on my birthday and catching it with the USB stick, I was distraught!
    My USB had all my final year masters work on, and it hadn’t been backed up since February so I had lost all my current work for some big assignments. I contacted savemyusb that morning and they were brilliant, talked me through the steps to recovering the data and I got it sent off that afternoon.
    Well done savemyusb for recovering all my files and for a great service :)

  51. Fiona says:

    Many thanks guys for a very prompt and efficient service after my flash drive was bent and would not register with any computer. All of my files recovered (over 3Gb) :) )

  52. Dr Mel Hearn says:

    My HP USB suddenly decided to malfunction. The IT department in the hospital where I work tried to recover material for me but probably only retreived about 1%! I was beside myself as stupidly I had not backed it up. Savemyusb saved my bacon!! They not only retrieved all of the material but sent it back to me with original file names neatly tucked away in the correct folders. Gareth was really helpful. All in all an amazing service, at a fair price. I can totally recommend using savemyusb and not buying HP USBs!!
    Thank you so much.

  53. Tony Dawson says:

    Hi my sons USB suddenly stopped working couldn’t see it on any PC months of work for his hnc were on it no backup .I found savemyusb on a general search and suggested he send it off they offered and supplied a fantastic service at a reasonable price and averted a disaster for him I would recommend any one in a similar situation using this company’s service.

  54. iram akthar says:

    I have received my recovered files today from the post and I am really happy I have got my A’level work back I was really worried so I would like to thank this company for helping me and retrieving my files, This website is very good and I suggest that if you do lose or have an broken memory stick this is the website like your life saver, but always remember to back up your files I leant my lesson :)

    thank you again,
    Iram Akthar

  55. Caroline C says: was recommended to me by someone who works in corporate IT services. I had a very difficult repair and many of the companies I approached beforehand said they were either unable to retrieve my data or wanted to charge an extortionate amount of money £350 plus – not to mention a period of 4 weeks to complete the job. Gareth and his team processed the recovery in less than 3 days and were very affordable. I was extremely pleased with the service I received in terms of communication and repair. I cannot rate them highly enough.

  56. Zara says:

    I am a trainee teacher and I foolishly failed to back up months of work. Planning lessons takes me hours, so the work I had on my USB was priceless. Thankfully, all was not lost! The team at were amazing, they managed to retrieve the majority of my data and all within a week of losing it. Gareth was incredibly helpful. The price is very reasonable, Gareth even offered a generous discount as some of the data was irretrievable. I’d highly recommend their service: friendly, fast and efficient.

  57. Nicola says:

    I can’t thank this company enough! I had all my A level course work on a USB and also stored on my laptop but I dropped the laptop with the USB in it. The USB snapped and the laptop was damaged and the data could not be recovered. I went to every computer repair store in the area I live but no one could recover my data. I found this company on the internet and made contact with them. The communication between them (Gareth) and myself was fantastic from my first message until I have received my data back. I went for the 5day recovery and including postage time have had my data back in a week. Thank you again Gareth and savemyusb.

  58. Gemma BELL says:

    Very helpful company, spoke to Gareth from the company who was happy to help. They managed to recover all of my data which was needed for college a few days earlier than expected, very pleased with the service I received and would highly recommend them… thanks guys!! :)

  59. Malcolm Cameron says:

    Having gone through the despair of losing a large amount of material when my USB was damaged, and being unable to find a solution locally, I discovered Save My UBS on the Web. They provided a friendly, helpful, professional and timely solution to my problem. I was delighted with the result and I am extremely grateful to them for recovering all my documents which I was convinced I had lost. Thank you!

  60. David Purser says:

    Excellent service, & full data recovery from badly damaged memory stick – thank you

  61. Matt Dobson says:

    Just received my new USB back in the post, all files recovered – top service, friendly and considerate but very professional and clearly very knowledgeable staff. Delighted with the results and looking forward to accessing my lost files. Special thanks to Gareth for keeping me in the picture throughout the process and his thorough explanation of the results. Cheers.

  62. Chris says:

    OMG! im out the dog house!my other half is a nvq assessor with 10 months work of hers and students on a usb stick as she was working on her laptop i snapped the usb off by accident doh!. i sent the stick off to company in nottingham who said “we are the best people in uk to recover and fix it”they failed and charged me after telling me there would be no charge if they could not fix! lucky for me i then found sent it off after a brief call from one of the team .over the weekend i thought they would not be intouch untill mid week but phone rings and they had recovered all the work OMG I LOVE THESE PEOPLE LOL!i can not thank you peeps enough youve saved my life my partners job as she should have had backups (she has now lol)and all the students hard work.have a merry christmas and wish the whole company all the best luck for the future thanks chris

  63. D Hoffman says:

    Dear SaveMyUSB team
    Just to say thank you for trying your best to recover data from my Kingston memory stick.

    I found your service very positive – from the moment of my registration on your website and your telephone contact to the way you kept me informed to the final return of the USB stick today. I will certainly recommend you.

    Kind regards
    Douglas Hoffmann

  64. Galiema says:

    I am the head teacher of a primary school.

    My laptop fell onto the floor, damaging the USB drive plugged into it.

    The USB seemed completely dead, but were able to recover all the files within 48 hours. Vital Ofsted and school planning documents were saved.

    Thank-You very much.

  65. chris napier says:

    What can I say?
    I lost 64 Gb of my working life when my stick got smashed in half. a lot of the tracks were damaged as well.. .Gaz and team said they hadn’t been beaten yet. I thought “oh yeah…they hadn’t seen the damage damage and it was a hefty stick.

    I sent it off with a prayer expecting the worst. Got a phone call at about the 24 hour point. I didn’t wanna answer, I was expecting the worse. I answered it. They had salvaged ALL OF MY FILES. They did also say it was the most complex job they had ever had.

    I haven’t had the files back yet as I have only just paypalled them. but my files are safe

    If you have had a disaster, HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN THESE GUYS……..and they charge amazing rates as well. Don’t believe me? look around. You’ll be back, I promise. Thank you “save my usb”

    chris napier

  66. D Dundas says:

    Excellent service and all work restored would certainly recommend to others.
    Thank you again

  67. Claire Nathan says:

    I cannot thank these guys enough. I’m currently at the end of the 2nd year of my degree. One night at 3am….feeling very tired, i managed to break my memory stick. I thought all my hard was gone…!! Found this site, rang and spoke to ‘Martin’ who has been an absolute legend. He told me not to worry, to send my USB stick to them and he would be in contact. I paid for the 48 hour service as i was desperate to get my work back. Less than 24 hours after sending the stick he rang me with the best news ever…..he had saved all my hard work..!!! I cannot put into the words the relief i felt. I knew he had definetly found the work as he told me what files were on there. Ten mins after the phone call they sent me an invoice that i paid via paypal….the following morning a new USB stick and disc arrived with ALL my work on.
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys if you have damaged your stick and you NEED the data back from it.
    I am a very happy satisfied customer. Thank You Martin….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Brad James says:

    You have literally saved my life! thank you! amazing recover of my data after finding out a new way for yourselves also! proves never quitting always leads to success! as said, you have saved my life. Always remember to back up my files from now on! well worth the money, quick service and amazing professionalism from the team!

  69. Abi N-Jones says:

    I am relieved to have received all my data back today. An excellent service from save my USB. I phoned them on a Sunday evening and they were more than happy to help. Once my data had been recovered I was phoned by a very helpful gentleman to let me know the good news. Excellent service and an extremely competitive price when compared to a well known company who quoted me £700!
    Thank you so much!

  70. Ben says:

    Fantasic service from The USB stick snapped while plugged into my laptop in a carrier on the way home, losing a few days’ work that I needed to retrieve quickly. Fortunately the damage was only physical, and Save My USB managed to retrieve all my data despite it being encrypted. They provided a friendly, informative, quick, flexible and efficient service – and significantly cheaper than the other firms that I contacted for a quote. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. If your IT department can’t help, these folks probably can – sometimes it pays to do a bit of research to find a specialist.

    I’ll be more careful with these memory sticks from now on – they’re really only good for backing up data from more reliable media, as it’s easy to lose or break them and they are liable to fail without warning.

  71. Mandy Osei says:

    I would just like to thank Save my USB for literally saving my USB! I am in the last weeks of my PGCE (Teacher Training) and have all my resources, lesson plans and everything on one USB. Last week I damaged my USB and with no back up, I was stuck!
    After a quick google search, I found…a bit sceptical, but I gave them a shot. Fast forward 5 days and I have all my data! I highly recommend this company, they do what they advertise and they are reliable. Hopefully I have learnt my lesson-and will back up my files! But if by any chance I am in need again, Save my usb will be my first point of call.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  72. Lorna Williamson says:

    As an accountant during my year end, my USB got corrupted- 150 hours of work gone before my eye! Took USB to Pc World who wanted top charge me £700 regardless of if they could get the information back or not. With trepidation, i googled and found Within seconds of filling in my details and pressing send. Martin was on the phone. He worked so hard to get the specific information off even on the sunday of the bank holiday weekend. I was looking for a specific folder which we thought had been corrupted. lo and behold I received the disc back and the information was in another folder with the same name!! Martin is a genius and has saved me a huge amount of time and money. Would have paid double for this result. Thank you

  73. Wendy Campbell says:

    I had an extremely distraught son on my hands when he broke his USB containing almost all his A level work. Needless to say it hadn’t been backed up anywhere! What a calming gentleman I spoke to at SaveMyUSB. He was honest, helpful and interested in getting the right deal for us ( how refreshing). Every step was clearly explained and we’re now in possession of my son’s salvaged work thanks to SaveMyUSB. Thoroughly recommend your services thanks a million.

  74. Charlotte says:

    I cannot rate this company higher. I was initially dubious about contacting a company on the internet having had bad experiences before, but my fears were completely without foundation. My son had broken his memory stick with all his IT A’Level Coursework on it and with no back-up – so it was a pretty desperate situation. I was called by SaveMyUSB to let me know that they had managed to retrieve his work and then, when I told him there was a deadline for my son to have his coursework in, they made every effort to organise the disc to be posted a day early at no extra charge in order to meet my son’s deadline. Top company. Would recommend them happily to anybody who finds themselves in this situation.

  75. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent service. i was heartbroken when my usb broke thinking i’d lost all my pictures and videos of both my children since birth but thanks to you guys all those precious memories were recovered. thank you so much.

  76. Sue Davies says:

    Thank you very much for a very effective, professional and efficient service. Reassuring to be kept informed throughout the rescue process by friendly staff who are just at the end of a telephone.

  77. Gemma says:

    I snapped my USB at work and was in a panic as I hadn’t backed up my work recently.
    I found this website and I am so pleased I did.
    I paid for the 2 week service and had my USB stick back in less than that time. I was really pleased with how they kept me informed of how they were getting on and I could ring at anytime to ask any questions.
    Thank you – you have saved me a lot of extra work!

  78. Carlton Morris says:

    My daughters USB pen was bent over when her laptop fell on the floor. was given the name of the website by a friend. My daughter is a teacher & all her work for the term was on the pen. Thanks to savemyusb all her work was saved. would recommend them to anyone. very efficient & kept me upto date all the way through the process. Very pleased.

  79. Tim says:

    The Mrs has no mechanical sympathy. for anything. ever.
    So she wouldn’t listen when I told her that pulling a USB stick out of the computer a a 45 degree angle was a bad idea. When the stick started working intermittently, I gave her a spare; to copy the data onto… but it was OK, because if you held it in a certain way it still worked. Which was fine, until it snapped.

    The tears, stomach churning despair were something else.
    Luckily save my USB managed to recover the data within days.

    Unfortunately, she now knows that save my USB will help next time too. :(

    Right better go and fix the flush on the toilet.

  80. Jason says:

    Save My USB! – Brilliant

    This was my daughters USB Stick with all her sixth form work on it, we genuinely thought the data was lost, I tried PC World and three other computer shops, all said the data could not be saved and just to bin it. you can imagine the panic on my daughters face all that work lost and the thought of having to do it again, then I was told to try save my USB off a friend, so I emailed Save My USB, received a call immediately and before I knew it my USB was in the post and I recieved a call from Martin about a week later to say they had retrieved all my data.
    £59 well spent – if your USB is not working you have nothing to lose as they only charge for recovery no fix no payment

    what a xmas present

    A quick, friendly and efficient service – I honestly could not sing their praises any higher.

    A massive heartfelt thank you to Martin and his rescue team.

  81. Fiona - York says:

    I contacted you in desperation when my USB stick simply “died” without warning. Thank you so much for your reassurance, your prompt and efficient service and for retrieving all my data. I am now evangelistic towards all my teaching colleagues about the virtues of backing up, but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who hasn’t!

  82. Helen says:

    My USB drive broke when I was part way through working on an assignment due at the end of the week. I thought I had lost all the info on the drive, which I hadn’t backed up recently – I came across save my USB through a Google search and as they seemed reliable from the testimonials decided to email with a request for assistance. They rang me back less than half an hour after I emailed, even though it was quite late on Saturday night, and emailed the same night with instructions to post my broken USB. The person I spoke to was very helpful and when I explained the situation said that it should be ok and if they were able to retrieve the data they would be able to email my essay research to me so I could get on with my work before I received the disc. I was kept informed at every stage of the process. I paid for the 48 hour service and the information I needed was emailed by Wed afternoon, having only posted the USB stick on Monday morning. The disc with all the rest of my information on it arrived with the morning post on Thursday. Thank you very much Save My – turning around what could have been a total disaster in a calming and helpful way.

  83. Daniel Leach says:

    Brilliant. Great customer service from start to finish. Called me back using the call back feature in 2 minutes, kept me informed of what was happening throughout, and recovered all my files. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Dan Leach

  84. Meg says:

    So happy! I’m a second year uni student with all of my work from my first year saved to one flash drive only.. that snapped as my laptop slid off the bed. I emailed SaveMyUSB in the evening, around 8 and got a call back straight away – very reassuring. I opted for the 28 day recovery and exactly 28 days later I got an email saying my files had been saved! Quick, efficient and cheaper than other sites. Also very helpful staff (I was freaking out a bit about my files!) Will definitely recommend this company to everyone. Thank you so much.

  85. Ricky Webb says:

    I can’t thank these guys enough. Excellent service and communication throughout. I would recommend this site whole heartedly. THANKS AGAIN!

  86. Megan Wilkinson says:

    Cannot thank enough, I was sure I’d lost my work and photos for good but I now have it all returned safely at a reasonable price. An excellent service which I hope never to need again but if I do I will be using without question.

  87. Ros Smith says:

    What can I say? Fantastic service! When my daughter lost all her A level course work she was beyond hysterical, particulary as her coursework had to be submitted to the examining board within the following 7 days. A very anxious mum phoned these guys who understood, explained what they could do and guided me through the process. They then kept in touch letting me know when they had received the broken usb and recovering the data even quicker than we had dared hope. I now have a happy daughter who thinks these guys are heroes – and I tend to agree!

  88. Stuart Colwill says:

    Excellent service, I got all my data back from a broken flash, at a good price. Highly recommended.

  89. Jane Bell says:

    Save My USB! It does exactly what it says on the tin!

    I genuinely thought I had lost all my data on my USB stick when it snapped inside. I visited PC World and was quoted £700. I emailed Save My USB, received a call immediately and before I knew it, they had retrieved all my data and turned around within 48 hours for £89.

    A quick, friendly and efficient service – I honestly could not sing their praises any higher.

    A massive heartfelt thank you to Martin and his rescue team.

    Jane, London

  90. kieran says:

    great service, managed to retrieve data when other companies faild. man thanks

  91. Holly says:

    Amazing. I had resigned myself to losing all my photos or paying an extortionate amount to have them recovered. Save my USB provided a truly excellent service. I couldn’t be happier. Many many thanks.

  92. Following a USB hardware failure I received a fast and efficient service, resulting in SaveMyUSB recovering my data. Most grateful; thank you.

  93. Lianne Smith says:

    I cannot thank you enough. I was in total panic when my usb stopped working after being dropped. Despite being told the usb was useless by a local computer company, in sheer panic i googled for help & so glad i did. Prompt, friendly, proffesional service. I will highly recommend your services to any one. Thank you so much again, you really did save the day. I don’t normally leave feed back but they really deserve the praise. Job well done.

  94. Jagveer Garcha says:

    I took my usb to PC World when it suddenly stopped working and was told there was nothing they could do to repair it. Savemyusb have offered an extremely professional, friendly and efficient service. I appreciated the fact that at all stages they kept in contact via email and phone. Can not thank you enough for restoring many irreplaceable files.

  95. Lynne Armstrong says:

    Save my usb saved my sanity! A company that gave me confidence right from the beginning after my usb stick snapped in two. Many, many hours of work has been saved and returned. I can’t rate this company highly enough. Many thanks.

  96. Hilary says:

    Outstanding customer service and speed of recovery. I would recommend this service to anyone. It was fantastic value for money. Thank you so much.

  97. Sophie White says:

    So so happy! I’m a final year student studying teaching. So when my USB decided it was time to pack in and wouldn’t recognise on any computer, followed by snapping in to two, I thought my entire career could soon be over. Millions of teaching resources, assignments and dissertation notes gone. I decided to ring save my USB in a panic last night around 8pm (surprised to get an answer straight away). Due to having deadlines around the corner, I didn’t want to wait to get it in the post and asked if I could go myself and hand it in. Of course, this was no problem. I arrived at 6pm tonight and by 6.30 my files and new USB were ready for collection. I can’t express how happy I am! Will definitely recommend this company to all my friends at uni and future employees! Thank you so much!

  98. S Martin says:

    This is a great personalized service. Great!

  99. Asad Mammood says:

    Yet again, SaveMyUSB has come to my rescue saving my teaching resources, archived documents and custom software for work.

    I work in IT and teach IT so knew the extent of damage. I knew that calling SaveMyUSB team would be my only option
    Thanks you for a great service as always, keeping me updated about my device.

    Thanks again guys

  100. Mark Drysdale says:

    Thanks for retrieving my 2 years of work after my memory stick was snapped in two. Tried another company who were unable to help after seeing the damage. Amazing service, thanks again.

  101. Michael F says:

    Exactly as described. Quick and efficient service cheaper and better than others and saved my lost files. Very helpful too. Many thanks.

  102. Rebecca P says:

    Thought I had lost 10 years worth of work and photos. Took it to large computer superstore who could nothing with it. Almost gave up, when my partner saw this website. As it is no fix, no fee I had nothing to lose. Sent it off for 2 week price and low and behold, they managed to save all of my precious files, and there was a lot to be saved. Over the moon and very grateful. Well done!

  103. Hilary Conlan says:

    Saved from a very very bleak place. I saw my computer slide off the bed and land USB stick down – snap! On Sunday morning at 5am I felt my world come to an end. By 8.30am I had a call back and instructions to get it in the post. Wednesday – Postman arrived with parcel. All the data was on a DVD and a memory stick. I found this service by random google chance but now have posted the website to all my Uni students. Grateful thanks.

  104. Neal Critchley says:

    Awesome service with full recovery of data. The speed of service and manner in which it was handled was outstanding. Many thanks. Hopefully I won’t need to use the service again but if I do I won’t hesitate if where to come.

  105. Pam Wood says:

    Wow! I was distraught to say the least when I found that my memory stick suddenly wasn’t working after school. I know I should have backed it up but I’d been just too busy at the start of term. The thought of losing all the preparation I’d done for this year was horrendous! A friend said there must be something somebody can do, despite everyone else frowning, tutting and saying ‘you’ve lost that then!’ She searched the internet and found your website. We decided on the 48 hour service and posted it the next day. By lunchtime the following day you’d phoned to say you’d retrieved EVERYTHING! By 10 the next day the data was back with me! What a speedy service! Less than 48 hours from start to finish and what kindness, courtesy and understanding on the phone. I can’t praise you enough! You are lifesavers and sanity savers and probably even angels! I’ve already been recommending you to everyone I see! Thank you SO much! xx

  106. Paul Wood says:

    Must say a testimonial for – they saved my life this week when my wife’s usb stick failed with all her school stuff on it. We had a very stressful couple of days until we found their site. All data recovered, and apart from a couple of stressful days whilst we waited, it was a very smooth process. Thanks guys! Incidentally I have just put more or less the same testimonial on facebook.

  107. Stuart Cherrington says:

    Yet again, saved me from having to re-produce masses of files which I can’t really do without. Trying to replace the files they recovered would have taken me weeks, if not months. Thanks very much for the service, the emails, the updates, I felt totally informed at all times.

    Thanks, Stuart Cherrington (KAM Contract IT Ltd).

  108. sarah clarke says:

    SavemyUSB? Save my life more like. Superb service – It was Bank Holiday weekend and I had just pressed ‘send’ when I got a call to say they will email me postage details and to reassure me that if no data recovered then no fee. And I only had to pay once they had recovered it, not before. Felt like I was chatting to someone trustworthy and knew exactly what he was doing. The recovered data (hooray!) arrived promptly (I opted for 5 days) with me having been updated every step of the way. Would unreservedly recommend to anyone and everyone. Good work folks!

  109. Malorie Bader says:

    Extremely speedy recovery, got DVD of data with original chip back one day after they received it despite only requesting 48 hour service and recovery was a success. Data recovery was done within hours of receipt and kept informed very well. Very pleased, would use again.

  110. Nicola Mudge says:

    Quite honestly the best service I have received anywhere for a very long time. As soon as I registered my memory stick I had a phone call and postal details sent to me. Constantly kept in touch so I knew where my memory stick was – opted for the 48hour service and it was all finished and all the files saved ahead of schedule!
    You have saved me hours of doing work over again and quite honestly saved my life – so Thank You!
    I will make sure I reccommend you to anyone who ever has a memory stick emergency, top class service and superb results.

  111. Zara says:

    A very friendly and efficient service. Much cheaper than many other companies. I would highly recommend them.

    Thank you for all of your help.

  112. Harriet J. Manning says:

    Wowee!! I cannot praise SaveMyUSB enough: totally awesome!! I want to smash another memory stick now just to give you more business!! Harriet

  113. Katherine says:

    I was horrified to accidently snap my USB with months of work on that I hadn’t backed up. Loads of people were doubtful that I could retrieve my files, so I was slightly sceptical about sending it off. I looked at other similar companies offering similar services but I found this the cheapest and was also supported by loads of recognised companies and organisations e.g. the big teaching unions. Once I’d made the decision to go for it, the service turned out to be excellent – a phone call plus email within minutes of registering, confirmation that it had arrived and finally a phone call plus email to confirm the successful retrieval of my files. I am so pleased with this service, and don’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you!

  114. jane says:

    Thank you so much for saving files from my corrupt memory stick. Great, efficient, friendly service (with patient explanations) – that I am very happy to recommend. Thank you

  115. Mark Bradford says:

    An IT guy from work recommended SavemyUSB to me when I snapped my drive. All I can say is that I am indebted to this guy and SavemyUSB, they have saved me a lot of work in trying to recover and source the data I had compiled.
    The service itself is excellent; extremely efficient and professional. There was never any uncertainty about what was going on or costs involved. A very personal service, Save My USB called me at 9:30pm on Saturday night to give me the good news that my data had been recovered. Now that’s what I call a dedicated service!
    I can’t recommend SavemyUSB highly enough; this company is right up there with the best. I will certainly recommend them to others who face a similar predicament. Thank you Martin and all at SavemyUSB.

  116. Delyth Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for recovering my files from my broken memory stick. The service provided was excellent and super efficient and I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and colleagues.

  117. Nichola Merrick says:

    Thank you so much guys for recovering four years of work, things for my university application and a load of recreational writing (none of which were entirely backed up.) I’ve learnt my lesson now. The customer service was absolutely fantastic as well!

  118. Rob Cooper says:

    You have provided the most efficient service I have ever come across. From the first professional call to the email contact and the delivery back your service is second to none!! And you managed to save all my data as well – life is worth living again!

    Thanks so much
    Rob Cooper

  119. DHB Technical Ltd. says:

    ~28 GB of important data all safely and securely retrieved within the promised 24 hours !
    Truly amazing service which you don’t get often these days…….10/10
    I’d happily recommend your service to anyone.
    Many Thanks again

  120. Lynn says:

    Thank you for a fast and very efficient service. This will save me hours and hours of work over this summer. I was expecting to have to retype all my lesson plans etc from scratch. I’d also forgotten how many important photos I had on my USB, so happy to have them all back. I will recommend this service to all my friends in the teaching profession should they ever be in the same situation. Best wishes and Many Thanks.

  121. Sue says:

    A great big thank you to Martin for retrieving all my important files as part of the professional, efficient and reasonably priced service. A years worth of teaching documents that are thankfully not lost and saved me a lot of time trying to reproduce. I have already recommended Savemyusb to colleagues and will continue to do so. Thank you again.

  122. Adrian Wayne says:

    Thank you millions for saving my daughter’s USB stick. You have managed to recover all her work from her Master’s degree and now we can all relax again. Thank you again for your brilliant, easy and painless service, Adrian.

  123. Clint Norman says:

    I asked these guys for the 48 hour service after trying locally and getting nowhere, they rang me the same day they recieved my usb stick telling me it had all been retrieved and even upgraded my new usb stick, great service, very professional and helpful, i will recommend these guys to anyone that ruins there usb stick, Many thanks.

  124. Miles S says:

    Absolutely super service, both over the phone and via email. Extremely valuable work recovered, and excellent turnaround. We definitely recommend this service.

  125. David Jones says:

    I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Helpful, reassuring and thoroughly professional service produced the rapid recovery of several years’ irreplaceable teaching materials on my wife’s memory stick. Superb in every way!

  126. Claire T says:

    A very professional, courteous and prompt service. Most importantly, all my teaching documents for 1 year which were on my USB pen have been retrieved and stored on a new USB pen and disc. This has saved me a lot of work. I have been provided with excellent customer service from start to finish and the fee for what has been done is very reasonable, compared with other companies out there. I would not hesitate to recommend to other people who are stressing over their broken USB pens.

  127. Ray says:

    Excellent Excellent Excellent service! Retrieved all my data ahead of schedule. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  128. Duncan Hamilton says:

    Having read through all the testimonials there seems little esle I can say that is original and hasnt been said already.

    May be a good indication of my gratitude is this is the first review I have ever written and probably the last as it will take a lot to surpass this service.

    Truly the 4th emergency service, for me anyway.

    Thank you

  129. Aisha says:

    Omg the best service, professionalism, amazing, terrific, outstanding no words can express what this company has done for myself and daughter,all her 1st year uni coursework saved in the form of a miracle by the name of Martin and his team. They need to be paid by their weight in gold – what an asset to this company. Anyone out there who needs their USB fixed don’t bother wasting your time with anyone else, they can’t help you I tried everyone locally no one had any idea then through nothing short of a vision from above at 2 am I stumbled across this site they definitely deserve 5 stars for their amazing service I could go on forever but we just received the good news personally over the phone and now have to celebrate the best company on planet earth. Martin your simply the BEST!!! Thank youuuu

  130. Dave says:

    Fantastic service. Managed to retrieve data from a snapped Sandisc drive even after I had tried swapping the chip onto another flash pen. The main thing I would like to say is if you have a broken drive DON’T try to fix it yourself, send it to these guys you will save yourself a lot of hassle, time and probably money. Thanks again

  131. A really friendly, fast service, who managed to retrieve all of the data from my snapped memory stick when no one else could. Thank you very much for your time and effort, my highest recommendations.

  132. Megan Florey says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I am so grateful!!! I was such an idiot not to back it all up and I really thought I had lost it all but you retrieved everything! You were quick and you kept us posted on what was happening and you did everything you said you would! THANK YOU! I recommend save my usb to everyone, go for it! What have you got to loose!?

  133. Teresa says:

    This was a great service. The person I talked was very reassuring that my pen-drive data could be retrieved. This really helped to relieve my anxieties. I was contacted as soon as my information was restored, and received my information fully backed up onto a new pen-drive promptly. I would recommend this service to anyone finding themselves in a situation where your pen-drive has been damaged. The service was professional, personal and the person I dealt with had a really lovely voice. Thanks for all your help. My whole professional life was stored on my stick, I would have been lost, and very busy trying to replace it without your help.

  134. Lee Parker says:

    Ultimate!! Superb!! Professional!! Amazing!! Fabulous!! Are just a few words I would use for these guys at ‘Save my USB’
    Their customer service is 2nd to none, they kept in touch with us throughout the whole process & returned any calls within minutes, they are polite, professional, helpful & honest. They offer all this for the cheapest price I could find!
    They saved the day by retrieving all 2 years of my daughters ‘A’ level course work from her broken USB, a week before her deadline date.
    Huge thanks to you all for providing such a great service, but, most of all I praise you for ‘doing what it says on the tin!’

  135. Samantha Prest says:

    Absolutely brilliant service, saved my life! Saved 5 years worth of work for me in 24 hours and were emailing me out urgent documents as late as 9pm. Really kind, thoughtful, dedicated people worked on recovering my work….a job other companies were not able to do or quoted me hundreds of pounds! Would definately recommend this company to anyone! Thank you thank you thank you =] Samantha Prest – Middlesex University x

  136. Maureen Scheepers says:

    I can definitely recommend these guys!!! My memory stick with 6 years worth of work (I am a teacher!) got bended at school in the box! I really thought I lost all my data, and nearly cried! My husband found these guys on the internet and they were way cheaper than most of the other places too! They were also very quick. THANK YOU so much!!!! It feels like the biggest present ever :-)

  137. Deborah Newman says:

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service. Customer service was exemplary. Extremely efficient and could not have been quicker. Thankfully my makeshift plans to somehow start again with urgent work this week are now unnecessary!

  138. Lesley says:

    This service is so fast, very easy and extremely professional! I am a teacher and thought I had lost two years worth of worksheets, planning, photos, records etc, etc etc after catching the lanyard attached to my memory pen and snapping it off at the USB connection. After a huge panic and many tears I finally googled my problem and filled out the details on the save my USB website. I received a phonecall back within ten minutes and received fantastic service. Emails and phonecalls kept me up to date with progress and I received a disc back with all the information on that I thought I would never see again! I have already told everyone in work and would recommend this company to anyone. No hidden costs and completely hassle free service. I can’t thank them enough.

  139. Anna says:

    After dropping my laptop and bending my USB so it wouldn’t work, I was in panic as all my work (thousands of files) was on there along with my uni research which was a third written and due in 6 days later. Despite the fact all this important stuff was on there, it wasn’t backed up. Save My USB provided a fantastic service. I went for the 24 hour service and had all my time critical research back with me by email less than 24 hours later with everything else on DVD less than 48 hours later. The team were fast and efficient. There was absolutely no delay in anything. I found the photos on the website really useful and had my mind mostly put at rest within a really short time. Save My USB saved me a lot of worry and hassle. Thanks!

  140. chris says:

    Genuinely great service – I opted for the 28 day service but had holiday booked for the due date – savemyusb managed to get my recovered data to me before I left for holiday. In terms of price, I trawled the web and explored a number of companies – this was the cheapest service I could find. So much hassle saved at such a reasonable price compared to other companies out there.

  141. maria mccauley says:

    the service is very good from start to finnish saved my 3 years of work at a very good price
    very helpfull would use again and have told friends to use if the same thing happens.
    after taking usb drive to 2 places being told nothing could be done. also contacted other services
    with silly prices we took the risk as you only pay if they can save work which they did with in
    time stated.
    thanks maria mccauley

  142. John Holland says:

    After weeks of solid dissertation work I decided to smash my USB drive on a door frame whilst it was in my laptop. Of course I hadn’t backed anything up and feared the worst. After a few minutes of desperate screaming, futile fumbling and cold sweating, I googled for help and these guys popped up. They are significantly cheaper than the other companies I looked at so I went for the 48 hour recovery service. The disaster occured on Monday night and after sending the pendrive special delivery the following morning, my important files were emailed to me on Wednesday night and the DVDs with the rest of the data arrived this morning (Friday). – So it really WAS 48 hours between me losing the files and getting them back! I phoned a couple of times to check on the progress of the recovery and Martin and the staff I spoke to were more than helpful. I don’t often write reviews, but after such good customer service I strongly recommend these guys. Can’t rate them highly enough!

  143. Phil Dickinson says:

    Considering that none of the files on my USB were absolutely critical, some may have seen it as frivolous to spend the kind of money I have recovering my own files with this service. But given the amount of time that had been put into creating many of these files and given that recreating the documents (many of which were documents for capturing ideas and thoughts as and when I have them) word-for-word would have been close to impossible, the idea of losing these files was still too much to bear. Even though there weren’t any vital coursework or unsaved work files to be recovered, on finding this service I decided to use it without hesitation. But when you see some of the other figures that are quoted in the testimonials here for similar services elsewhere and then you experience the incredible level of customer service that this company provide, it makes you appreciate just what a good deal you’re getting. I have nothing but good things to say about the service received. They have salvaged many hours of note-taking, holiday ‘accounting’, list-compiling, journal writing and general creative thinking… not to mention my most recently saved CV. Many thanks!

  144. Diane Adetayo says:

    I still cant believe what a brilliant service I had, the data from my USB stick was all recovered, I had over 3 years of work saved on it and did not back it up so you can imagine I felt that my world had collapse. All was not in vain when savemyUSB came to the rescue. They called me when they said they would and delivered on time. What service. I would like to thank you for saving my data and if anyone reads this rest assured they are 100% a genuine compamy, and I have already recommended them to my friends, family, work colleague and my clients. As an idea could you start to include business cards when you return the damaged item as i would liked to have given out some of your business cards. Just something for the future as you are a company I would gladly promote to everyone.
    Thanks again.

  145. Abi says:

    If you’re like me and are a bit dubious of these websites that seem too good to be true, then trust me is everything it claims, and more!! My memory stick was in my laptop when it must have been knocked about and then stopped being recognised by my laptop, this was midnight, having frantically googled ways to save the entirety of my university work, we rang up (still in the middle of the night) and they assured us it would be no problem. The nest day, because my exams are coming up, my dad drove down to their recovery lab and had the problem solved there and then. Absolute lifesavers, I owe them my degree!!

  146. Lynne says:

    This is the first ever review I have wrote but I felt I needed to so that everyone knows what a fantastic service this is. My laptop fell with my USB stick in it snapping the connector clean off. I am 3rd university student and I had not backed my USB stick up for over a year. I honestly thought I had lost everything, but SaveMyUsb saved every single file, completed the job in the time slot I selected and the price was exactly what was quoted, no hidden costs. Excellent service and I would recommend to anyone who needs this type of service.

  147. Nafisatu Akilu says:

    OMG, this this company has saved my degree. Simply fantastic servise.
    Having broken my usb (not sure how) I went into panic mode Friday night after realising that I had no other copy of my dissertation. I found SaveMyUSB after googling and someone was there to pick up my call straight way. They entirely understood the possition that I was in and genuinly seemed intrested in helping me. I was contacted throughout the process and they were very honest about the satus of my USB in regards to wehther or not the files could be retreived. They did retrieve all my files and emailed me the important files that I needed to submit urgently.
    Customer service was just brilliant, i’ve never come in contact with people who do their jobs with such dedication at no extra cost. I recommend everyone to use this company, trust me you will not regret it because they will do their very best to help you. Worth every penny.

  148. Kimberley Haynes says:

    My USB stick with my uni coursework on it got bent when someone walked into the edge of the computer at uni, after trying loads of alternatives that were less than helpful I found save my usb on the internet. What a fab service, so helpful, and fast. Stress over. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Worth every penny.

  149. Danielle says:

    Today save my usb saved the day for me. My 4 month old usb suddenly stoped working while trying to back up files and showed up as unrecognised of every pc and mac it was tried in. Unfortunately i had not backed up 4 weeks of work which i needed for the start of next weeek. I only wish I had contacted them a day sooner and saved myself panic as other supposedly local companies found either did not have facilities near me or charged on a sliding scale depending on damage done and storage capability of usb.
    Within minutes of talking to martin I had a solution and was able to arrange for my usb to be driven directly there to save the delay of posting over the weekend (serious emergency). As soon as the usb was checked I was informed that the data was saveable and within a few hours it had been downloaded and saved to a new usb and disks.
    Data saved in less than 24hours and panic averted. Well worth the cost which is reasonable compared to the quotes of up to £300 I had had. Thanks Martin and save my usb (and thanks to my dad who drove it there and waited).

  150. Oyebobola says:

    It was me and not my USB that needed to be saved when it got broken into pieces as a result of a fall. The broken pieces were written off by a PC world technical staff as impossible to fix or perhaps could only be fixed by CSI. Another PC staff said it would cost me some 699 pounds and it would take 14 days to have my data back and there is no guarantee.
    The local shops cannot be of any help at all, the USB was condemned as impossible to fix. One of them even condemned me-I shouldn’t have broken the USB.

    By what I could only refer to as divine providence, I came across savemyUSB online, followed their instructions, completed an online form and then in less than 10 minutes later at about 8pm got a call back from Martin with a word of reassurance and hope.

    I completed an online form on Thursday the 5th April at about 8pm, got a call back 10 minutes later, next day 6th Friday April was a bank holiday. Then on the 7th April Saturday I posted the broken USB to savemyusb, Monday 9th April is another bank holiday. By Tuesday 10th April at midday, I got a call back from Martin informing me that my data were retrieved.On Wednessday 11th April, I got my data delivered in the post. I have never seen such an efficient service before!.

    Thank you very much,you are indeed a savior! For anyone reading,do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any problem whatsoever with your USB.These guys know what they are doing and are into real business.
    The testimonies I read from this page happened to contribute to my summoning up courage to complete an online form after all hope was lost.

    Thank you Martin and all the team at savemyusb,the whole world would surely know about you.Aside from mentioning you to my friends and family,the report of the projects I am working on would not be complete without mentioning you in it .I am really grateful,you have indeed saved my head.

  151. Jag Sangha (NHS Dudley) says:

    I work for NHS Dudley as a specialist pharmacist for older people and one morning my Kingston DTI (IT approved) USB stick wouldn’t register on any computer. It had two weeks worth of data that I had failed to back up and hence would have meant duplication of my time if I hadn’t contacted Our IT department within NHS Dudley were unable to retrieve the data as they only dealt with software issues and not hardware. I contacted Kingston (manufacturer of my USB) and all they could offer me was a replacement USB & they advised that USB drives shouldn’t be considered as lifelong entities (incorrectly thought by myself). It was the IT department that mentioned to me about data retrieval companies and hence post a Google search I came across They were very helpful, professional and empathetic toward my situation. Since the USB had confidential data, They were vetted by our team and required to sign an NHS Dudley confidentiality legal document (as per our local Information Governance Manager) prior to me sending my USB data stick out. They completed this electronically and promtly in a professional manner and once received by me, the USB was sent out. I got a phone call from the team the next day advising me that all the data had been successfully recovered and the data was back with me the very next day. Viewing prices of other companies involved with data retrieval, I must say that is by far the most cost-effective out there and I would 100% recommend them to anyone whether individual or commercial. I also wished to write this comment since reading all the other testimonials, I think I may be the first from an NHS organisation. Thanks Martin and your team for all your help.

  152. 5 Star for Quality – 5 Star for Price and 5 Star for the Service. Excellent communication and very helpfull staff.

  153. Bianca Stirling says:

    I cannot remember the last time that I dealt with an organisation as professional, courteous, friendly and helpful! And who were available late on and at the weekend.

    My daughter lost vital course work on her USB, we have a maintenance agreement with Virgin but the staff there were adamant that not only could they not help but that the lost info was irretrievable by anyone. Martin and his team recovered the files, painstakingly went through all of it over the telephone with my daughter to be sure she was happy with the results and had the info returned to us well within their promised 48 hour period.

    Absolutely outstanding service and reasonable rates. I would not hesitate to recommend them – look no further.

  154. Natalie says:

    Thank you for sorting out my broken USB stick so quickly! Similar to others on here, I am also a teacher and would have lost two years worth of work so was absolutely thrilled with the service I received. I got a call back immediately after registering on the website, as well as emails and calls to keep me up to date with the progress. Do not hesitate to use this website if you are unlucky enough to damage your USB stick – fantastic service and excellent customer care. Thank you again!

  155. mandy says:

    I can not praise these guys enough! I’m a teacher and stupidly snapped my USB and lost every thing, lesson plans, resources, the lot. I registered on the site and had a call back in five minutes. The service was quick, efficient and very friendly, I even had a call on a Sunday to say the data had been saved. I’ve been saved a lot of late nights and work, so thank you! : )

  156. John Savage says:

    Just got my wife’s usb memory stick files recovered, the wife thought it was the end of the world till these guys got hold of it and retrieved the lot, panic over, very professional job…



  157. Sarah says:

    I submitted an online form and received a phone call about 10 minutes later. I sent my USB off on Monday and got all my files back on Thursday. An amazing service!

  158. H Rawlinson says:

    Did exactly what they said they would. Efficient. Great communication for peace of mind. A life saver for stupid people like me. I hope I never have to use them again!!!! But would recommend them to everyone. Thank you. HR

  159. Lauren H says:

    THANKYOU! Saved all my A-Level Coursework! So quick and friendly! Money well spent.

  160. Beth Pope says:

    A huge thank you! I am a teacher and my memory stick contained hours and hours of work. To my total horror, my memory stick snapped completely in half when it was plugged into my laptop. After several phone calls to a range of data recovery firms, I felt that I had lost everything on my stick – they all told me that it would cost at least £200 to even look at it, and they didn’t feel confident in retrieving the data because Sandisk are notoriously tricky to recover. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I was to speak to Martin – he made me feel at ease immediately and fully appreciated why I felt so distressed. He was very positive and explained the process involved in layman’s terms. I was thrilled to recieve the call to tell me that my data had been recovered! I have been able to access all my work today from the disk that was speedily sent. Thank you SaveMyUSB – you are amazing!!

  161. Keeley says:

    I really want to say the biggest thank you to save my USB!!!! I have been working super hard on my uni work projects, and my USB was bent in the drive. I was apsolutely gutted!!!!! After trying different computers laptops etc still no joy!! I went on line after thorough research I opted to go for! And I’m so glad I would highly recommend this company, there communication is outstanding.

    Thank you again.

  162. Katerina Chiponda says:

    I LOVE SaveMyUSB!!!! My pen drive had got broken when I left it in work one evening and so I lost A LOT of work, that I had been working incredibly hard on and hadn’t backed up yet! I felt so deflated as I’d been told it was totally gone but SaveMyUSB saved the day. The customer service is excellent and the communication is also brilliant – such friendly service, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

    Thank you…I have already been spreading the word around my school! :)

  163. Chelsea McWilliams says:

    My memory pen suddenly corrupted and needed formatted. The IT Technitions in my school and a local repair shop said everything was lost. I cried all weekend as I had lost all my A-Level coursework. I was told about save my usb and was the best £169 ever spent. You have saved me hours of work. Cant thank you enough!

  164. Eddie says:

    My USB stick died on me with some really important files on. The stick wasn’t showing up on either PCs or MACs so I sent it to to see if they could retrieve the data. Don’t have any doubts about them as I found their service to be professional on every level! They also phone you to read out file names, if they’ve managed to retrieve the files – just so you know that they have actually been able to acheive this prior to payment.
    Honestly, if you really need the files on your USB stick, give them a go!

  165. Fi says:

    My pen drive died on me one day – just as I was getting to the end of a two-year MSc course with all my work on it! Local computer shops said that they could do nothing, or would try, at a cost, with no guarantee. Two people recommended savemy usb. I sent my pen off on the Wednesday lunchtime on the 5-day service and was called back on the following Tuesday to say that all my data had been saved. The service was brilliant – it was lovely to speak to real, reassuring, friendly people on the phone.

    Thank you so much!!

  166. Roy Bennett says:

    I did not believe it was possible – but pay your money and sort the problem! Save my usb do exactly what they say – they got all of my data back!

  167. Ruth Y says:

    Yes – all the comments posted here sum this business up nicely: lifesavers, brilliant, professional, sympathetic, terrific, fast, excellent service. I cannot reccommend Martin and his team highly enough. I am so, so grateful. The speed and professionalism of this service reduce the stress and worry (and self-blame) of a computing disaster to manageable levels – and the relief when they told me that they had been able to recover all the data on the usb stick! Thank you so much.

  168. E Lam says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!My USB stopped working suddenly and i was worried that my data was lost forever. SaveMyUSB retrieved all of my data within 24 hours and I had it back on a DVD within 5 days through post. Cannot thank the team at enough!!!!Thank you!!!!

  169. Moh says:

    “I am overwhelmed thank you so much Martin and all the technical staff working back stage. My USB was unable to recognize any data and all my assignments were just not appearing. I was extremely shocked and had no food or drink for those couple of days, at that moment i was recommended ( who are lifesavers and people that i believe are especially angels. I’m glad Martin and Co retrieved my work as i assume i would have had to repeat the whole year. Thank you so much to all Technical staff and may god bless.


    • Recovery team says:

      Thanks for the Card Moh, That extra special personal touch of thanks from you means a lot to us… Your card now stands proudly in our reception area! Kindest Regards, Martin and the team at!

  170. Helen Arnott says:

    I can’t praise Martin and his team enough. I had accidently bent a USB stick containing all of my daughter’s uni work a few days before she was due to be assessed by her tutor. About 10 days worth hadn’t been backed up anywhere else but it was the most critical work of her course and her assessment was dependent on it. I had tried a local computer repair shop who have a really good reputation but they couldn’t do anything with it and other local specialists were charging twice what Martin charged without any set deadline. Martin called me within 5 minutes of completing the form and I received instructions within 10 minutes. I posted the USB off and Martin phoned the evening of receiving it to say he had retrieved the files. I was absolutely delighted and my daughter immediately fell asleep for 3 hours, in relief I think! Thank you so much!

  171. Paul C says:

    We can’t praise you enough. After a recommendation from a colleague I contacted after my daughter’s USB memory stick (containing all of her A level work) became “unrecognisable” in every PC and laptop it was tried in. I opted for the 48 hour service, which was fast and efficient and my daughter’s data and files were back with her well within the 48 hour period.
    Thanks to Martin for his kindness and sympathetic ear, as this was causing all of us a great deal of upset at the time.
    Thanks again

  172. James W says:

    Fantastic service – couldn’t be more pleased. Was horrified when my niece walked into the USB stick (that was sticking out of my computer), even more horrified when my computer failed to recognise it. I normally back up once a month but hadn’t since the beginning of January and had lost 7 weeks of irreplaceable work. After a google search I called, which was the cheapest option I could find. Martin was very reassuring and advised what to do next to avoid further damage. I filled in the form and received another phone call from Martin (within a minute of submitting the form) confirming the form submission and letting me know what would happen next.

    I have to admit I was a bit dubious to begin with and wasn’t sure if everything was genuine, but the fact you don’t pay until confirmation of the files being saved swayed me. I also looked for negative reviews and could find none so assumed that everyone was happy with the service. When I was called to be told about it being fixed I did ask for proof and was given it happily – I wasn’t made to feel awkward whatsoever.

    Thanks again for exemplary service. I am now in possession of my new USB drive with all of my old files on and I will be extra safe to look after it, all the while knowing if anything does go wrong I know a fantastic company that can sort it! I will be directing all of my family and friends and anyone who asks here.

    THANK YOU!!!

  173. Emma Rowlands says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!!! You have recovered hours and hours of work that I thought I’d lost forever! A FANTASTIC service :)

  174. Excellent Service 5***** – USB Memory Stick was working fine until it was unplugged from one machine to another as often done. For some reason when this was put into another machine the USB wasnt even recognised as being plugged in although the light indicator came on?? Tried this on the original machine it came off from and several other, same thing was happening. As this was was our main back up of important files, we really need this working. Therefore we sent this off to after doing a bit of reasearch on the internet as there was no solution. They were the cheapest online to resolve these issues and what do you know, with a fast turnaround and excellent and professional service all data was recovered from the USB stick. There turned out to be a hardware fault which no software could fix. Excellent job and nice dealing with you!! Thanks AmberTouch Communications –

  175. Lucy H says:

    WOW! A huge thank you to the knights in shining armour at save my usb. Please do not hesitate in sending your usb stick here. At first I had reservations as its online and the testimonials maybe made up etc etc blah blah blah (the usual worrying excuses) but I can confirm I am a real person writing this off my own back, because the people at save my usb are truely amazing and brilliant at what they do, with a fast, efficient, friendly service and no fix no fee, you cant ask for better. I had so many “experts” look at my stick and say “no chance” so out of shear desperation (as I had 6 years worth of work on my stick) I sent it here, from now on save my usb will be my first port of call and has been recommended to everyone and anyone. In fact im almost wishing someone I know has a usb drama so I can get them to send it here and then say I told you so, look how clever they are!
    Thank you so much!

  176. John Pendlebury says:

    Does exactly what it says on the tin!

    My USB stick snapped in half with 2 & half years of Uni work and coaching plans on it, I was devastated! I looked around at PC World and the like but it would cost a small fortune and they offered no guarantees that it would work, I scrambled around desperately and stumbled across

    They offered a great price structure and of course the no fee if they couldn’t retrieve the data. I was phoned back within minutes of sending in my details and was emailed regularly to update my USB’s progress; I was also rang and emailed when they had successfully retrieved all of the data.

    This was sent back within the 5 days I had opted for on two DVD’s, all in all an excellent service and I would definitely recommend to anyone who damages their USB as it really is a true lifesaver!!!

  177. Zayd Ilahi says:

    My USB broke from the PCB (green board) which contained my Honours level work from university, I had taken it to the local stores in and around Glasgow and big stores such as PC World who quoted £700 with no guarantee. I was very disappointed as all the services I had approached, told me there were very slim or no chances of my data being retrieved.

    I then searched on the internet and came across ‘’ an excellent, straight-forward and friendly service. I opted for the 48 hour service and got my data retrieved within less than 24 hours. I was very pleased and have recommended this service to my friends and will recommend this service to anyone who has any problems with their USB flash drive. Definitely very happy as all my files are retrieved on DVD and my new 8GB Kingston USB drive from

    5 Star excellence!

  178. Wendy Westwood says:

    Life savers. In time of crisis (son’s A level work lost on bent USB) felt supported throughout from prompt and personal contact to simple (but never patronising) explanation of what could and maybe couldn’t be retrieved. Good, honest, reliable and fair service. What more could you want?

  179. David Thompson says:

    Just received my DVD with lost data from my corrupt USB, there were alot of important documents on the USB. I would highly recommend their service to anyone. Prompt, informative, friendly, helpful and quick. All my data was recovered. Thank you.

  180. anne brogan says:

    Thank you for retreiving my daughter’s A2 level course work. You were brilliant: quick, efficient, and courteous. It has saved a major meltdown in North London and as such I would nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize – just looking for the right category now…

  181. Sabrine says:

    Abousloutely amazing! They were brillant,I went to all the repair shops in my town but all of them immdiantly said they cant fix my memory stick so I had no clue what to do.I had all my college coursework since september and it looked really damaged and from my own opoion didnt look likely to be fixed at all! So I looked on the internet to see maybe if there were any companys that could fix a broken memory stick! And I found Save my usb, they were absloutely brillant,they assured me on everything gave me great advice on what I should do! Would really reccomend this to anyone they are amazing! What ever the condition is,always worth letting save my usb check it out for you! :)

  182. Rosemary Hall says:

    Fantastic. They managed to retrieve 95% of the work i lost in a corrupted file which was very important for a client of mine and saved me re-writing a weeks worth of work at a high cost. Well worth the £69 for 5 day service. The team are very helpful, understanding and easy to talk to. I was a little dubious about using them having not heard of them previously and being an internet company. I think paying after they have retrieved the work is great not many companies require this its normally payment up front, also good prices as some companies can charge hundreds of pounds for this work. Would highly recommend this company, such a relief to get the work back. Thanks again for your help.

  183. Leonna says:

    Amazinggg!! Thank you so much for getting back all my uni work u saved my life, the service was very good and quick! I would reccommend this service to anyone who has problems with there memory stick or has lost all of there data. Once again i would like to thank all the team for there support and friendly serive x

  184. Jenny says:

    Absolute lifesavers! I’m a teacher and had 8 years work on my memory stick. Stupidly I didn’t back it up anywhere and one day it just stopped working. Both of our school IT technicians said they couldn’t fix it and that I had lost everything. I was so upset. Someone said I should send it off to a company so I searched on google for a website and came across this one. They told me they would probably be able to save all my data and were very efficient from the very start. After 27 days I got a phone call to say it had been a success and my data would be in the post the next day, which it was! The best £49 I’ve ever spent! Thanks so much :-)

  185. Mark lester says:

    A fantastic service by the team at savemyusb. Retrieved my files within 48 hours. A great service. Very professional from phoning me within 5 minutes of filling out the online application to sending me postage details and then a phone call to say files retrieved. Don’t pay anything till the engineers have retrieved data and choosing the time scale you want the USB back is excellent. Can’t recommend this highly enough and very reasonably priced. Thanks again.

  186. Richard Lewis says:

    A fantastic service.

    I lost two years of study six weeks before my deadline and to have it recovered so quickly was fantastic.

    I posted my USB stick on Wednesday, received a phone call on Friday to say it was fixed and received a DVD with all my data at 9:30 on the Saturday morning.

    A truly wonderful service.

    Thank you

  187. Orla says:

    Thanks so much for saving years of work in a very short space of time! I was told on two ocassions there was no way my USB could be saved, so I was delighted to hear Save my USB actually retrieved all of my documents. I would reccommend this service to anyone.

  188. Roxanne Gumbs says:

    I could not believe my luck when my netbook slipped off the sofa landing on my USB bending it in half. It would no longer recognise my USB. I had over 7000 documents of hard work as a busy teacher. I went into panic mode but luckily found this website and didn’t hesitate to opt for the 2 day service! I was on tender hooks to see if my files were received and luckily got the good news tonight. I am so relieved! I can not praise this service any more highly, as much as I hope it won’t happen ever again, this service ensures it doesn’t have to be the disaster it first seems. Thank you and a special thanks for going above beyond by emailing me that one important doc I needed for Thursday!

  189. Jaina Mistry says:

    My memory stick was full of work information and I hadn’t backed any of it up. I asked colleagues at work if it was repairable but all thought that I had lost all the information. The IT guy at school looked around for me and came across this site. I had a look, put all my details in and was impressed by how quickly everything was sorted out for me. Thanks for the quick response. I will be recommending it to all my friends and family.

  190. Keith says:

    I contacted “save my USB”, as I was getting nowhere with the software downloads, trying to receive my data from my memory stick. I chose the 24 hour option and got the required information back, within 12 hours of Save My USB receiving my memory stick. The service provided by them was exceptional and I would really recommend them. For anyone who gets told that there is no chance of recovery data from a defunct memory stick, contact Save My USB, All is not lost!

  191. Kay D says:

    My USB memory stick had years of uni and college work, photos, documents etc on it and I was devastated when it just stopped working. Other companies said it was impossible to recover the documents or would take weeks and cost hundreds of pounds to do so. When I contacted savemyusb they called me back immediately and assured me the information was probably recoverable and at a very reasonable price, I sent the memory stick and they recovered it in miracle time and the customer service was excellent – thank you!. I will be telling everyone I study and work with about savemyusb, I couldn’t be more impressed.
    A massive thank you to savemyusb!

  192. Fiona Wilkinson says:

    I was phoned back within minutes of sending my request for help and they were more than willing to help. They were extremely helpful and sounded positive that they would be able to retrieve all my data. Nothing was too much trouble and they made the process as hassel free as possible. It hasn’t yet been the full 28 days that I’ve paid for but they have already retrieved my data and are sending it back this week. Couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve recieved. Thank-you ever so much.

  193. Muhammad says:

    PC World said it’ll cost £700 to retrieve the data, despite the success rate being very slim and the possibility that the USB itself maybe destroyed! I wasn’t impressed. Surfing the internet desperately, I found and from there my USB troubles ended.
    I am very impressed with the high quality of service I received as soon I contacted them. Quite simply, I sent the broken USB (snapped in two) in and within four days (including postage time), Save My USB had retrieved all of that important data and was back in my possession. I shall certainly recommend to my friends and family. A very speedy, reliable and an inexpensive service that is absolutely essential today.
    I wish Martin and his team all the best in their USB repairs!

  194. AMAZING!!
    My sons memory stick contained all of his “A” level course work. The stick was broken in half and we were told by a local repairers that it was impossible to fix, but then we found “” they were able to remove the chip and recover all of the files (saving months of work). EXCELLENT SERVICE. THANK YOU.

  195. Carl Griffin says:

    Superb service. Amazingly prompt – my files were saved on New Year’s Day and two particularly critical files sent by e-mail attachment. For saving hours of work, the price is extremely reasonable. Martin kept me in the loop at every stage and gave very clear, unambigious instructions. First class.

  196. David says:

    Lost all my teaching files to a ‘corrupted’ USB stick. School IT office said they couldn’t do anything. retrieved all my data, quicker than advertised and for a LOT less than PC World were offering.

    Very polite, quick service too,

    Thank you!!!

  197. Jennifer says:

    I was more than pleased when I found out save my usb had managed to retrieve my files! Silly me dropped my laptop on the floor with my USB still inside… I’m in my 3rd year of uni and all of my important coursework was on that USB!! I’m truly grateful and thankful.

  198. Neil says:

    I sent my USB to after being told by my IT depratment that the USB could not be repaired, and all my files were “lost”. A phone call to gave me the reassurance that they would try, but if they could not retrieve my files there would be no charge.
    I am delighted that all my files were saved, and the service received was excellent – even quicker than promised!
    I would highly recommend – thank you!

  199. Laura says:

    Absolutely awesome service!! Very polite, prompt and always keeps you up to date! When I changed my mind and asked to upgrade my service time, they were quick to get back to me AND got the data recovered earlier than I expected! Was sent back quickly – very neatly and professionally packaged! Two years worth of uni work that I thought would be lost forever!! So glad that I have it back and in time to use for my final modules and dissertation! YAY!! Thank you ever so much!!!

  200. Jim Stewart says:

    Yippe!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks chaps, that could have been 6 months work up the swanney. Well worth the money and excellent service.

  201. P Kirt London says:

    Really excellent service, the laptop fell and the USB got bent so the USB was not being detected. Then we started checking the internet and my eyes caught the web address and I just checked it, spoke to them and they were amazingly very Professional and most of all very Courteous. They didn’t patronize or tried to fool around by their sales technique! I applied for a initial enquiry for data recovery service online. I was called back within 1 minute and someone clearly explained the process. True to their word, on sending the item by post, I received the data back on DVD having paid via Paypal on receipt of their call. Save my USB is not only a name with very Professional, Courteous, and Hardworking Team, but as their Brand name states it is 100% true to save USB and money too! Would definitely use again and recommend highly to any one!
    I specially thanks to Martin, who is one of the genius in their team to respond very promptly and precisely!
    P Kirt.London

  202. Pleased to say that my Data has been recovered, and very promptly to. Thought I lost all my College work, but thanks to they managed to recover all of it at a reasonable price and very quickly. Would Recommend.
    Thanks Savemyusb!

  203. Teresa Kaczmarek says:

    Absolutely great service – such a relief to get all my documents back on disc and a new USB. The company reassuringly kept me uptodate with phone calls and emails which was comforting to know my important documents were in safe hands. Hopefully I won’t have to use them again but if I do, then they would be my first port of call. Thanks!

  204. Jay Tailor says:

    Amazing!!! is the only word I can use to describe the service.
    My disc broke in half and having tried various other companies, who all told me that my disc had blown, I was devastated. I had 5 years of work saved on my usb stick and as I am an accounatant, I had confidentail client information stored. The last back I had was months old and I had to get the data back.
    When Martin informed me that all my data was recovered, I was on cloud nine.
    Thanks for all the work and I would recommend anyone to use “SAVEMYUSB”.
    Just Fantatstic.

  205. J Mott says:

    Really great service, My partner’s USB suddenly crashed and I applied for a disc revoery online. I was called back within 1 minute and someone clearly explained the process to me. True to their word, on sending the item by post, I received the data back on a new USB and DVD having paid via Paypal on receipt of their call and email that the problem had been rectified. professional, courteous, value for money and efficient. Would definitely use again and recommend highly!

  206. Richard Turner says:

    Just does what it says on the tin!
    Great service and communication.

  207. Victoria says:

    Wow! Fast, efficient, professional and friendly service from start to finish. You never know what you’re going to get from internet companies that you know next to nothing about, but from the first phonecall I knew I’d made the right choice with SaveMyUSB. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  208. C Whitfield says:

    Stupidly everything to do with the business I run from home was contained on the one memory stick – I learnt the hard way after my 4-year-old bent my USB stick. No one locally could help and I didn’t fancy the hubby’s IT mate having a go. I stumbled across this website and gave them a call. They certainly know their stuff and called me this evening (out of working hours!) to let me know my data was all recovered and it would be in the post tomorrow. Ecstatic is not the word! Thanks Martin!

  209. Melissa Gibson says:

    A fantastic service!! recovered everything off my totally broken USB. Will recommend you to everyone I know! Thanks again.

  210. Zainab says:

    An excellent and efficient service! As a secondary school teacher with all my files on my USB stick I was completely devastated when my USB just stopped working. Thanks to these guys who managed to recover all my files! Would 100% recommend them to everyone. Thank you!

  211. David Carr-Rickwood says:

    Dave says,
    I didn’t realise how fragile USB memory sticks can be. I dropped mine on the kitchen flooor with a smack. Next time I used it – no LED and dead as a Dodo. Panic set in. I found ‘’ on the internet and gave them a twirl. They are a really professional organisation and great communicators. After filling in the necessary on the web page I received a call from Martin and felt a bit more confident that I would get years and years of work restored. Sure enough files arrived today, perfect. Many, many thanks. A top class service I would recommend to everyone.

  212. Dan says:

    My wife is a secondary school teacher and after the failiure of her USB stick, with all her work on it, and then discovering that I couldn’t find the backup of it that I had carefully made, I was desperate. After searching on the web, and reading the other testimonials on this site I thought why not, I didn’t have anything to lose!!
    From sending the first e-mail the service was first class, contacted within minutes, kept up to date throughout, and most importantly ALL the data successfully recovered! Cannot recommend them highly enough.

  213. David Power says:

    What a great service! Got my data back to today much to my relief. I had spoken to a friend of mine who has worked in IT for last 30 odd years when I broke my stick to ask what I could do to salvage data. After many texts between us and various contacts it did not look good.
    So I did a google search on my phone and came up with these guys. 14 Days later and £49.00 lighter I have my data back. Great value for money. Absolutely Chuffed :-) )))

  214. Lily Parsons says:

    Thankyou so much to everyone at savemyusb! After snapping my usb into two pieces I thought all my university work had been lost and stupidly hadn’t saved it anywhere else but the usb. I thought I’d try to see if there were any local places to help but had no luck and found you’re website, I was a bit cautious sending my usb in the post but was constantly reassured by Martin and the team, they even go to pick up you’re usb from the post office. I had the 24hour service due to a major project deadline of 10pm the next evening and was adamant they wouldn’t be able to recover anything. I received a call an hour and a half after they’d received my usb the next day to say all my work had been recovered. Im so pleased with how you guys recovered everything so quickly and kept me informed constantly. A brilliant company with fantastic people who actually know what their doing! Thankyou so much for everything and to any future customers, don’t hesitate to send in you’re usb : )

  215. Mrs Evans says:

    After tears from my daughter we rushed usb inhand to a well known chain pc company……nothing you can do we are told by the sales person, no help no suggestion!!!! thats it 18 months of GCSE work lost. We came home and decided a quick look through the web was worth a try. We came across SAVEMYUSB.COM having read the testimonials thought it was worth at least talking to them so I filled in the on line form. From then on having spoken to the most lovely reasuring man within 5 minutes I felt all was not lost. We followed the clear easy instructions that were emailed to us and posted off the precious stick. At all time kept informed they had received it and we received a call back with in 24 hours saying that all the data was recovered. I can not recommend this company enough they are fantastic from the very first moment I made contact. I will be telling everyone about them and hope they can continue to save others stress. A big thank you,

  216. Caroline says:

    Absolutely brilliant service, was very worried they would not be able to recover my daughters GCSE coursework but they did and within the 5 day service we requested. Couldn’t have asked for anything better from them, many thanks!

  217. Dora Mallott says:

    I got phoned minutes after I sent an enquiry regarding my pen drive. I am amazed by the quick service, with the people dealing with my request being pleasant, friendly and very quick to respond. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone! Thank you to all at save my USB :)

  218. Rob Nesbitt says:

    A rare treat! – a business that can’t do enough for you. From start to finish this was an excellent service where the customer came first.

  219. Amber Robinson says:

    I had the good fortune to find Martin at SavemyUSB who indeed did save me 18 months work by recovering data from a damaged pen drive. He is a very professional, capable and likeable man, to whom I would recommend anyone who needs technical assistance! Lovely to deal with, prompt, efficient and utterly genuine, what more can I say. Thank you so much, you were a life saver.
    Amber Robinson.

  220. Val says:

    I was very cautious about sending off my USB to ‘strangers’ but I was reassured over the phone and SaveMy USB lived up to their name by recovering all my important files quickly and efficiently. A great service, thank you.

  221. Lee Davies says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the fast recovery and return of my daughters A level files that were thought to be lost on her dead USB flash drive, you have saved both me and her some many hours of re-typing.
    Thanks again for a fast promt service.

  222. Ruth says:

    The week was not going well for my daughter – year 11, then she dropped and killed her USB pendrive, with all her exam work on it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sorting out our problem so quickly and efficently. You have kept me informed all the way and the folk who I spoke to, were friendly and helpful. Thanks I will be recommending your service.

  223. Derek says:

    I’m immensely grateful to Martin and the team for the immediate and reassuring response to my initial anxious contact, for the full and clear answers to all my questions and for the regular updates. Nothing seemed too much trouble and everything was rescued. It was a perect service in all respects. Many thanks and very best wishes.

  224. Jason Williams says:

    I cannot thank Martin and his team within this company enough for recovering all the work I had on my USB drive. I had amassed over 8GB of files and the team at managed to recover it all. After initially taking my USB to a shop in town with no success, I contemplated that I would have to begin all those hours and weeks even of work all over again. I did an internet search and the testimonials on this site drove me to give it a chance.

    Fantastic customer service and very quick and speedy recovery!!! The prices are definitely the best available especially considering the quality of service. If you feel in despair for your broken USB, give a call, they really are lifesavers. Thank you once again, I’ve already recommended you to all my friends and will definitely use you again if needs must!


  225. David says:

    Many thanks – you have saved my life. Very prompt efficient service. “Exactly what it says on the box”

  226. Charlotte Bright says:

    OMG what can I say, I had lost all hope of ever seeing my holiday pictures again and was totally gutted. To go from tears of sadness to tears of joy. Martin and his team at save my usb are just STARS and deserve all the credit that is given to them and the best £49 I have spent in a long time. Thank you so much guys.

  227. David H says:

    O M G!!!!!!!!! More like saved my my usb flash stick packed up and left me right in the s**t. I emailed these guys on a Sunday evening at 7.45 and by 7.50 they’d rang to say about their proceedures. Sent it away on a 14 day repair and not only did they manage to recover all of my data , but I got it back early too! Thanks to Martin and the rest of the team. I cannot recommend these guys enough , I was wary at first but trust me there was no need to be! Exellent service !!!!!!!!!

  228. Maria says:

    I literally can not explain how thankful I am to these guys, they’ve saved my bacon! Thank god for Save My USB, a brilliant service.

  229. Liz Bremner-Smith says:

    Thank you so much to all the wonderful people at; what a prayer answered. I am an English teacher and had a year’s worth of schemes of work and resources on my stick which snapped when I was nudged on a train whilst working on my laptop over the Summer holidays. When I checked my external hard drive I had not backed it up since January!

    Your service was friendly, professional and very efficient from the moment I filled the online form in. A wonderful company which I will recommend to all my colleagues. Thank you again.

  230. Bernard Lyall says:

    These guys succeeded where others had failed. My flash drive had been snapped off while stuck in a laptop. I took it to a shop in London which soldered the plug on, which failed. Then they tried to access the chip, before reporting that it was fried and there was nothing on it. I almost gave up there, then thought – no harm in trying this site, given their no win, no fee approach. They weren’t fazed by another business having pulled it apart, they did exactly what they said they would, they kept me informed at every stage – and two weeks later I had all my data back. Faultless.

  231. Jim says:

    SavemyUSB did a great job in retrieving my data. Really can’t recommend them high enough. Staffs very professional and even emailed me a file that I needed ASAP. This services was very well priced and saved me a whole load of work after my stick met an untimely end. Thanks you very much SavemyUSB!

  232. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much to Martin for recovering all the data from by USB stick – which had completely snapped! I registered for the 48 hour repair online and was very impressed when Martin phoned me within 5 minutes to discuss the problem personally, and assure me that my USB was most likely fixable. I posted it out straight away using recorded delivery, and the next day Martin sent me an email to confirm that he had received it and was about to start working on it. It was LESS than 48 hours later that Martin phoned me, saying that he had managed to recover all of the data from my USB stick! I paid online using PayPal and received the recovered data promptly after that, as it had been posted back to me via recorded delivery. I am VERY impressed with this service and give it my highest recommendation! Hopefully I won’t be silly enough to break another USB without having backed it up first – but if I do, I will most definately be using this service again!

  233. Hugh O'Leary says:

    Thanks very much. Great service. Everything was completed as promised.

  234. Helen Lay says:

    Thank you for such a professional service. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to retrieve these files which I need for school. I had lost potentially 6 weeks of work and I must have been the most unluckiest person to have my usb crash DURING a backup! Anyway, I didn’t hold out much hope as my ICT department couldn’t restore much at all, but you have done it all! Thanks again.

  235. navjot sandhu says:

    Thank you very much for retrieving my data from my USB that decided to break off in a PC at work.
    The turnaround time was brilliant and you guys are the most reasonably priced in the market.
    Thank you once again.

  236. Bert says:

    I’m a final year University student. I saved all my University work and other data on a usb pen to reinstall Windows on my laptop. However, the usb pen stopped working. I took it to a pc repair shop and they could not fix it. I then came across this website and gave them a try. They was able to recover all my data on the faulty usb pen and get it me back within 2 weeks.

  237. Sylvie Chastagnol says:

    Heartfelt thanks for both your prompt and personal attention, AND for recovering the whole lot of my data!
    Lfe would be quite miserable this term without these files, which you recovered when our IT people could not.

  238. Salman Qamar says:

    My wife’s university assignment was due during the week and just two days before the completion, the laptop fell and the USB got bent so our hearts were in our mouths!!!!!!!. The USB was not being detected in any PC. Then we started checking the internet but couldnt find anything and then all of a sudden my eyes caught the web address and I just checked it, spoke to them and they were amazingly very professional and most of all very very courteous. They didnt patronise or tried to be techy, just amazingly helpful and very sympathetic and guess what, within 24 hours they recovered all of the files and my wife got all of her research back which was so relieving! A big Thanks to them and a service which I would 1000% recommend!!!!!!!

  239. David Crompton says:

    Panic! I snapped my memory stick. I know I should have backed up the data but hadn`t so what do I now? I called and received immediate reassurance that all may not be lost in fact all may be recoverable and within 48 hours all my data had been restored to a disc and a new memory stick. So what was the problem ? None, if you do what I did and called I received a totally professional service to my complete satisfaction. Not often you can say that or want to! I am delighted to recommend to anyone.

  240. Jacci says:

    Absolutely fantastic service, thank you so much. My little boy snapped my USB stick while it was in the lap top with all of my assigmeent work on it and stupidly i didnt have it backed up anywhere, Save my USB have definately saved me a great deal of work not having to re-do it all. Very efficient and easy process from start to finish and very friendly, helpful and sympathetic staff who dont judge or patronise. I have recommended this service to all of my colleagues. Thank You!

  241. Georgia says:

    I had a 4gb memory stick that 3 other companies told me could not be fixed, one even said ‘you’ll have to pay at least £350 to get it fixed’
    But fixed it for £89 in less than 48 hours, and rescued all my a level work for me, so thank you very much, very friendly service and i’d recommend you to anyone :)

  242. Heidi Carter says:

    I had a 1GB memory stick on which I kept all spreadsheets for our bank accounts/credit card etc, general info saved/scanned in and loads of other stuff that was ‘convenient to keep on a memory stick’. Unfortunately, and stupidly, even though I relied on this info on a daily basis, I didn’t think about backing any of the info up. I had the memory stick in my work computer, turned the chair round and caught the memory stick with the chair – result = one broken memory stick. Time to panic until I found I opted for the 5-day service because I wanted to know within a few days if it could be retrieved. I looked at other websites and they quoted ridiculously expensive prices – they seem to thrive on other’s misfortunes and charge the earth. I am so glad I opted for The service I received was excellent and they did everything they promised and to the timescale promised and I received all my info back on a disk. I thoroughly recommend this company for the truly professional service they provide.

  243. Brenda says:

    I thought I had lost all my precious photos taken while on holiday and at family events, the SD card would not register in camera or on the computer. Thanks to Save My Usb they recovered all of my photos off the SD card and returned them to me on a CD. Thank you for your prompt and personal service. I would highly recomend them.

  244. Phil W says:

    When I dropped my USB stick on the office floor I thought “Oops never mind, good job it’s a robust device, it’ll be fine”.
    Mmmm, I forgot it was an old device, less than 250Mb capacity, and had probably received some less than respectful treatment over the years. And anyway, I back it up regularly don’t I?
    Well, needless to say from that point it wasn’t recognised by any PC that I frantically inserted it into, and I found that my last backup was over 4 months old.
    I didn’t panic exactly, but I was extremeley cheesed off by the prospect of working out what had happened since that last backup and how much time and grief it would cause while re-inputting a load of data.
    So I started trawling the internet for USB repairers, as you do. How lucky am I that I found Save my USB first. The main benefit for me was the frequent email and phone communication to keep me informed of progress. It’s a nail-biting period of time while your memory stick is away for inspection, and when I found out that mine was not repairable but the data was retrievable, the sense of relief was enormous.
    Save my USB provide a first class service – highly recommended.

  245. Anna Baker says:

    Another happy customer. Personal service was brilliant and cost me £39 when I was quoted £400 up front in London by a number of surly IT people! Very efficient and Martin was brilliant. Have now recommended the service to my university as so impressed. Many thanks

  246. Kate says:

    Fantastic customer service. I was kept up to date about my USB. So pleased to have my life back! Will certainly be recommending to everyone. Thanks again

  247. Laura says:

    Brilliant service – is a service you can trust. Thought I’d lost two years of planning, reports, reources and photos but all was rectrieved and returned within my chosen schedule as promised.
    Thankyou so so much!!

  248. K. Fernando says:

    I’m a teacher at Newstead Wood School. I lost several days worth of lesson plans due to a clumsy student, and our I.T. department were unable to help. Fortunately, I found -they were the only company offering cheaper fees for less urgent data recovery, saving me £50. All files were recovered from my broken USB memory stick within 4 weeks (as promised). I would certainly recommend them as I am very happy with their service.

  249. Lauri Callaghan says:

    Excellent Service! I will definately use this company again if I need to. Royal Mail messed up and delivered a day later then they should have and worked harder to make up the time lost by royal mail. Really happy! Thank you!

  250. Alice Wilkinson says:

    This was an excellent service and the cheapest I could find anywhere. Save My USB called me within seconds of my application and provided clear and easy to follow instructions. Everything was recovered and returned to me within the stated timeslot. A very smooth, efficient service that would be impossible to fault – thank you!

  251. Leah says:

    I cannot recommend enough. You must make sure you tell everyone you know about them. I thought I had lost 4 years worth of work from my broken usb stick but all my files have been recovered, I can’t tell you how relieved and happy I am. The service was brilliant. Excellent and immediate communication from the word go and I paid for the £39 service and got everything back earlier than the promised date. Worth every penny.
    Thank you so much!

  252. Nwamaka Ibe says:

    omg these guys are life savers. ALL MY FILES are recovered !!! I thought I would never see any of them again. Thank you soo much, they were very communicative and it only cost me £39 !! VERY VERY VERY fast, efficient, communicative service ! these guys should have more publicity ! I am soo happppppppyyyyyyy!


  253. Robin says:

    An excellent service, thanks very much

  254. Andrew Thornton says:

    What an incredible service..I was facing near disaster after snapping my memory stick in half. I sent it to these guys and well within the service time paid for I received all my files without any losses. All the staff I spoke to were very helpful and sympathetic. I couldn’t have asked for more!! Highly recommended.

  255. Chris says:

    Superb. Very professional and prompt service. Thank you very much.

  256. My USB, was completely dead, somepeople tried to rescue my USB, I had no luck. I went to a shop, enquirying about saving my USB, I was asked for money, before even handing my USB, to them. Looked for other places, prices were astronomical. I felt myself in trouble. I got in touch with, within 5 minutes, I had a phone call. Customer care was brillant. I sent my USB, only when, recovered the files I made the payment. Service, Fast, efficient, professional, reliable, clean, very well presented. I am clearly pleasantly impressed. If in future I got problems, with another USB, I will use

  257. Robert McKenzie says:

    Dropped my USB stick and it stopped working……no light, wasn’t recognized in the half dozen PCs and laptops I tried. Was being quoted ridiculous amounts of money for data recovery…..up to £400 in places but found
    The stuff on the stick wasn’t business critical stuff, it was personal stuff including lots of photos of my kids. Opted for the 28 day service at £39. Savemyusb kept me up to date with everything going on and when I got the call to say they’d saved everything I was over the moon. Got the call on a Wednesday, paid via paypal on Thursday and got the disk with all my lost data on Saturday.

  258. rachel clarke says:

    Thought my data was completely destroyed. Cruzer slice was dead, no flashing light, no recognition of usb stick by laptop. Sent it to these guys and everything was recovered all on disc. Highly recommend

  259. Anna says:

    Thank you for a quick and efficient service. You managed to recover my files for which I am very grateful and I thought that the person I spoke to on the phone was very professional and pleasant so thanks again.

  260. Tracey says:

    A huge thank you. No sooner had I hit send on my request Save My USB called me to discuss the problems with my daughters broken USB, and advise on what to do next. All the data was retrieved within the agreed timescales to the delight of my daughter and myself. Extremely impressed with the service, would most definitley recommend!

  261. Excellent, friendly service. We used the 48 hour service and the recovered data was delivered as prommissed and on time! Chris.

  262. Britt says:

    Can’t tell you how relieved I felt when the CD arrived today with all my retrieved data. So impressed with the speed of service. Now I can complete my assignments, finish my course and get on with teaching!!
    Thank you very much.

  263. Martin and his team literally saved my life! Three days before my dissertation was due my pen drive broke and had not saved the work anywhere else. This company were amazing and went that extra mile for a very distressed almost social worker!
    Very efficient, very professional and also understanding of desperate situations. Would recommend ten times over and can’t thank them enough.

    Thanks again and fingers crossed that if I qualify I’ll have the sense to save all my files in multiple places!!!

    • Recovery team says:

      Thanks for your feedback Claire. We are only glad that the local company you took your USB to first did not do any further damage whilst attempting to recover your data. We Specialise in Faulty USB recovery including devices like yours that had no physical damage what so ever. Thanks again Claire, all the best with your dissertation results!

  264. Mike Lowe says:

    Great service – recovered 7.5G of data off my memory stick which had the USB connection plug snapped off. They managed to return it 2 days ahead of the due date. Thanks guys.

  265. Andree says:

    I was very impressed with the speed of service I received and they successfully retrieved all my data. Thank you very much.

  266. Pete says:

    Truly amazing service right from my initial contact. I was called back within seconds of my enquiry and they were extremely knowledgeable. The service was efficient throughout with emails at every stage of the process. They recovered all the data of the USB stick which required the memory chip being removed and read using an external reader. This is a very specialist job which very few companies provide and none for a fixed cost!

    Thank you so much!

  267. Karen C says:

    Excellent service and kept informed of the process at every step of the way. Choose the 2 day service and was impressed with not only the speediness (the does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’!) but the fact that all my hard work had been recovered by the team. Will be recommending you to all my friends and family!!! :-)

  268. Customer says:

    Great service! Very professional and helpful. Thank you.

  269. Bill (Edinburgh) says:

    This company provides a stunningly good service.

  270. Trevor Long says:

    What a brilliant service. Our daughter decided to keep 8 of her assignments only on her USB stick and yes the unspeakable happened. It broke. Thanks to Martin the data was recovered within 48hours. One relieved daughter.

  271. Emma Witherspoon says:

    Thank you so much Martin and team! You are life savers – I’m a teacher and also doing a degree and foolishly saved everything on my stick! I have well and truly learnt my lesson and will always back up in future. Thanks again!

  272. Jayne Worrall says:

    Thank you to all at for retrieving all my work off my stick. I work with young special needs children and they’d got hold of the stick and broken it – i thought all was lost as the IT guy at work couldn’t help – but I received the disk with all my work on a few days ago – yeah! Thank you for your service – very professional. I will recommend you to all the teachers I know!.

  273. Keith says:

    All the testimonials that everyone leaves are 100% accurate! Exemplary customer service with a very personal touch. USB stick was dead, but a DVD with all the data was supplied within the time-frame paid for. Hopefully won’t need to use them again – but would have no hesitation to do so!

  274. Helen says:

    A brilliant service. My USB needed ‘formatting’ – it had a years worth of my teaching degree on it. Everything was recovered and came back within the time frame I had chosen. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone! Thank you!

  275. Mark says:

    My daughter’s memory stick died with important college course work on it. Savemyusb came to the rescue and retrieved all the data! A good price plan and very informative help by phone, e-mail and website. Kept informed at all stages of progress. Very good service. Many Thanks from relieved father and daughter!

  276. Danny says:

    Outstanding service – very impressive stuff! My USB stick was dead – 4GB Sandisk Cruzer crashed my girlfriend’s laptop when I put it in, then like a dope, I pulled it out rather than forcing a shutdown. Wouldn’t even power up or be recognised by any computer (I tried Windows, Linux and Mac). Lots of my design work samples for my portfolio were lost. Or so I assumed. Stumbled across on Google. Their brilliant “No Fix No Fee” guarantee meant I had nothing to lose so I applied online. Surprised to get a phone call back within about 90 seconds – on a Sunday night! Amazing customer service – responsive, courteous and thorough. They sent simple to follow instructions via email and the whole process is as easy and efficient as you could imagine with email and SMS updates all along the way. Paid through their Paypal link yesterday and this morning received all my recovered data on a DVD in the post. Couldn’t be happier. Don’t know how they recovered my stuff as the drive seemed like a lost cause but their methods are obviously very effective. Will be recommending to all my friends & colleagues and anyone else. Many many thanks to Martin and everyone at

  277. Katherine says:

    An absolutely stunning service. After a local professional assured me that my memory stick was almost certainly ‘knackered’ and that I had very little chance of retrieving anything, I came across ‘’. Martin called me within 2 minutes of submitting my request and I have just received my DVD containing all of my very valuable recovered data. From start to finish, this company is the epitome of professionalism, efficiency and courtesy – I think it’s the best service I have ever come across! I’ve posted the link to the website on my Facebook page! Thank you so much :)

  278. Ama says:

    Absolutely fantastic service!!! Very efficient and very professional! I had no idea such a service was available! After being ripped off by a local so call computer services shop and still not fixing my USB key I discovered savemyusb on line. From the very moment I called every single person that have dealt with me has been very professional! I have been kept informed at very stage of the process! You guys are fantastic and more people should know about you!! Your prices are also very competitive! I would highly recommend you!!!

  279. Alex Hall says:

    Having been advised by a “computor doctor” in wokingham that my usb was US, and that i had lost the data, I searched the Internet.
    SaveMyUSB.Com provided an EXCELLENT service, Over the Bank Holiday, at what appears to be a very good price.
    Thanks Martin, Much appreciated. Alex

  280. There is no excuse for not having a back-up version of data and may be two copies. But when all else fails, it is comforting to know that has the expertise to recover the data that you may have thought lost. It was also good to see that there was an appreciation of the vaule of the client’s data to the client. Their service was prompt and efficient and very cost effective when compared with the time required to reconsititute the 4000+ files or 4GB of data recoveryed in my case. Most of which was business critical information. Check out my most recent status update on my linkedin profile too.

  281. Stephen Ackroyd says:

    My laptop slipped off my lap! Fortunately I caught it before it hit the floor. Unfortunately I caught it by the USB flash drive stuck in the side. Doing that bent the connector upwards. After looking around I found SavemyUSB and decided to use them. I liked the range of times and costs (considrably cheaper than on the high street- uptown in London I got quoted £700 – utterly ridiculous). I sent my email and I was contacted almost immediately. After I sent my drive through the post they kept me informed and let me know they had recovered the files. I got a disk with files and the broken usb back very promptly. A really great service and well worth the money. Superb!

  282. Andy says:

    Thanks very much for saving all my wife’s files. She’s a busy teacher – far too busy to save things twice – no time to back things up!
    So she learned a valuable lesson in backing her data up! She wasn’t looking forward to repeating her hours and hours of planning sheets, assessments, reports, etc.
    I couldn’t – her ICT technician couldn’t – her ICT team leader hadn’t got a clue – but You certainly saved her USB! Excellent service!

  283. Reyna says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Two terms work recovered from a dead memory stick. The wonderful news arrived on my birthday too.
    I am happy to recommend savemyusb to anyone who has not backed up their work like me and needs data recovered!
    Thank you again.

  284. Derek Gilbert says:

    Cannot speak too highly of SaveMy USB, the service was faster than promised, I received several updates on the progress – after 6pm and the staff were polite, well informed and VERY helpful. Despite the fact the USB was crushed and dead as a doornail, the data was all fully recovered much to the relief of my son as it covered much of his work for his A-Levels. Very happy to recommend to anyone in the same position – a BIG THANKS – Derek

  285. Adrian says:

    My memory stick was not being read so I decided to remove it and try again. This is where my trouble started. As I tried to remove it the memory stick broke leaving the USB connector in the computer. Help!! this had all my business details on it and I foolishly had not made another copy. This is where Save My USB came in. I found their details on the web and sent my memory stick to them. Hey presto, 2 weeks later they sent me a DVD with all my files on it. Brilliant service! I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with their USB memory sticks.

  286. Jim Dickinson says:

    Excellent personal service. Retrieved my daughters university Essay from a broken usb stick very fast.
    Will reccommend to others.

    Jim Dickinson.

  287. Humayra says:

    Save my usb is a very good service! My usb all of a sudden stopped working then I found save my usb I sent mu usb a month later as I was scared I might not gt it back however all my coursework was retrieved and they considered my school needs as I am a yr 11 student and did it more quickly for me although I went for the 14 day service .. Thankyou very very much and I have told all my friends and teachers about you who were amazed!

  288. charlotte says: is the best!!! they saved all my final uni work even though my usb had snapped into two seperate pieces they still managed to retrieve all my work! i will not hesitate to use them in the future if i need too and will defo recommend them to others! i am very grateful..THANK YOU!!!!!

  289. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for saving my son’s data from his memory stick. A whole years work which wasn’t backed up anywhere. I was amazed that you managed to do it so quickly. The turnaround was less than 48 hours! I have already recommended you to lots of people. I am so grateful and impressed with the fantastic service and outcome and can’t thank you enough for your help.

  290. Steph says:

    I was really dubious about sending my USB memory stick away, doubting the data would ever be recovered. After being quoted over £200 on a “no recovery, no fee” basis, I was surprised to find “SaveMyUSB” at the prices quoted (including VAT) for the same service. I filled in the on line form at about 9.30pm on a Wednesday and received a phone call within 15 minutes followed promptly by an email detailing what to do next! Another phone call on the Sunday evening to let me know my data had been recovered and an email containing a link to pay via PayPal, and I had my DVD sent recorded delivery arriving on the Tuesday! Completed well within the 5 working days I had requested and I am now happy with my data back (now doubly backed up!), as well as my original, broken, USB memory stick as a constant reminder not to rely on them 100%! I cannot fault the service – personal, professional, friendly and definitely worthy of the price I paid. Thank you SO much for saving me from having to re-do all that work!

  291. Molly Hunter says:

    I have to say I thought I was going to fail at college after losing EVERYTHING!!! When I found the site I thought no way, that’s far too cheap after I had been quoted £200 from everyone. I just want to say thank you so much, you have made my life so much easier and meant I don’t have to re do all my work. If I ever break my memory stick again (touch wood I wont) I will definitely be using this company again. Delightful people to talk to who listen and also help :) I am one very happy customer and cannot say thank you enough, you have stopped me from failing my course at college. I don’t think I can compliment much more but THANK YOUUUUUUU :) :) :)

  292. Colin Pons says:

    At a time when things are stressful you need people who inspire confidence and deliver SAVEMYUSB do just that! Perfect service with high levels of communication….even on bank holidays!

    Fully recommend this service. It is a pity that with luck I should never have to use them again!

    Colin Pons
    Managing Director
    Studio of the North

  293. Tony Hughes says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service provided. I thought the information was lost forever.
    My colleagues within the computer branch at work claimed that my data could not be retrieved.
    you and your team at SaveMyUsb proved them wrong!
    Thanks again, no hesitation in recommending your services.

    Kind regards,

  294. Shabnam says:

    Thanks for you help in rescuing all my information when everyone said it couldn’t be done. You regular communication was also reassuring to keep me updated. Highly recommended. The information was retrieved from a Sandisc Cuzer 4GB. I will tell all my colleagues. Shabnam

  295. Chris Pearson says:

    Excellent service – usb connection to computer had been pulled from main body of usb stick, it looked terminal, yet Savemyusb were easily able to recover all the ‘lost’ data from the flash drive. Big thank you!

  296. Laurine says: saved me from losing a whole years worth of university work after my usb failed. Having gone to PC world to retrieve my files off the usb they were unable to do so and refered me this this company. I would highly recommend to anyone who experiences such problems. I was equally impressed with the speed at which they were able to fix my usb.
    Thanks guys.

  297. Victoria Hough says:

    Great service! Very proffessional! Life savers ;) Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Again

  298. Mark McE says:

    This site pretty much saved my A Levels!!! I can’t thank the guys enough.
    My USB was more or less destroyed- I bent the port back far enough to detatch it from the actual circuit, and there was no way I could get the data off the pen. I sent off the USB, and two days later, as promised, the DVD arrived, with my coursework intact. I can’t thank the guys enough for their great service.

  299. Stuart Freeman says:

    What a fantastic and efficient service. I even received E-mails and telephone calls on a Sunday.
    My lap top fell from my desk and landed on the USB which shattered into pieces
    Although some of my work was saved on the hard drive-my most recent work was not
    Once I had recovered from my panic mode I found SaveMyUSB on the web
    I will recommend my colleagues and staff to this service without hesitation if they find themselves in an unfortunate situation with their USB

  300. Caroline Brookman says:

    I cannot thank enough, my daughters USB stick just stopped working she had 2 years of uni work on it I gave it to two IT people in work who were unable to do anything so went on the internet and found this site, the phone call yesterday morning saying they had retrieved all the data made my (and my daughters day!!!) Cannot thank you enough and would recommend you to anyone in the same position. Absolutely brilliant!!

  301. Sandra says:

    I received my recovered data today, what can I say? I am one VERY happy customer! My USB was bent in my laptop resulting in the “loss” of 100′s of work related documents I’ve collected over the years. Prior to finding I was previously quoted £190 +VAT. No way could I afford this and whilts my data was important to me I couldn’t justify spending that much. Never one to give up I looked again and found these guys. I read these testimonials and hoped they could help me too. To save some pennies I went with the 28 day option, it was a long wait, but well worth it.
    I hope I don’t have a reson to use this service again, but should the worst happen…….I’d be back like a shot. I can and would recommend them.

    Thanks :)

  302. Jaclyn says:

    SaveMyUSB managed to recover all of my data from a USB which was snapped in half as a result of a laptop falling on top of it while still connected. Great communications and a fast and very effective service. Thanks again!

  303. Steve D says:

    I bent my girlfriends USB drive in in laptop. It wasnt recognised at all (not in admin tools, computer management, storage or Linux. It contained over 20 years of photos, thats a lot of memories. I called these guys, sent the drive off, and back it came along with all the data on DVD’s. Top class service, excellent professional communications throughout. If you need data recovering these are the guys to use. Cant recommend them highly enough, I dont normally leave feedback but seriously pleased to have this data back, thanks so much.

  304. Ashley C says:

    SaveMyUSB was my last hope of recovering my son’s college work from his broken USB Stick.
    From the first email sent I have been totally blown away with the level of support and communication. All data recovered and my son can get on with his course work over Easter. I can not recommend this company highly enough. In a world where no one seems to care anymore, SaveMyUSB give you some hope again. Well done and thanks. Ashley C

  305. Peter says:

    My grandson lost a whole years A level work. I had been on to him to keep it backed up but you know teenagers, they always know better. Thanks to Martin and his team it has all been recovered and my grandson has learnt a lesson, I hope. Anyway thanks for providing a very professional service at a reasonable price. I hope that we don’t have to use you again but if we do I will not hesitate and will certainly recommend you to others.

  306. Lizzie Prince says:

    Cannot praise enough!

    Not only did they manage to retrieve all my files after my memory stick snapped but the service they provided was compleltely professional and *very* customer friendly. I was contacted almost immediately after I registered and recieved many messages (email, phone calls, text messages) to keep me updated on the process.

    Thank you so so much – will definitely be recommeding this to friends.

  307. Tanita Cox says:

    My USB stick broke, with the metal side not attaching the chip side. I looked across many sites and here was by far the cheapest. They provided an amazing service and infromed me of everything that was happening along the way. Quick and easy and fast. I would recomend it to anyone – ive already recomended it to a friend.

    Would definatly use this company again.
    Thank you very much

  308. Mark Curtis says:

    Thought i’d lost 3 years worth of files, thanks to these guys I can sleep again, brilliant service, prompt replies, I’ve no hesitation in reccomending them to anyone. Thanks again

  309. Karen Sully says:

    Fantastic service – my panic at loosing 6 yrs worth of photos was resolved by these guys. They do exactly what they say they can do and at a fraction of the cost of (PC world wanted £99 for the same job). Will gladly recommend you to all my contacts.
    Many thanks, Karen

  310. Cari-Leigh Coyle says:

    These guys are fantastic! I thought I losted all the information on my USB but within one day I got all my information back thanks to these guys! I would have NO PROBLEM recommending them to anyone and they are worth every penny!!!

  311. Dr Linda Corlett says:

    On Monday my pendrive suddenly stopped working with the previous end of week’s work and no I hadn’t backed it up because I was working on different computers. Also lost were loads of things that I had backed up but would take ages to find – a very black day…! I found Savemyusb online on Tuesday and read their very thorough website covering many of my queries. Within minutes of making contact I was phoned and had a conversation about further queries – a reassuring touch when dealing with the virtual world. All my recovered data was back with me on DVD through special delivery (all part of the price) by lunch-time Friday. A completly efficient and professional service that I have no reservations in recommending to colleagues and friends in a similar situation.

  312. Paul Waddoups says:

    Thought I had lost everything then found these guys and within the week had all my data. A very professional service.

  313. Serena says:

    I would like to thank this company for offering such a great service. Unfortunatley my USB had a rare kind of chip in it and could not be saved, however as promised I didn’t have to pay a penny for the service and it is on its way back to me. This seems far more reasonable than other companies such as PC World and Currys who had asked for £100 regardless of the outcome. I cannot fault this company. They were swift in answering both my booking to send the stick off and other emails I had sent for advice. They have since recommended better quality USB sticks to me so that I can avoid this in the future and some good advice about purchasing an external hard drive.

    Some people reading through this site may be slightly wary of sending their device off, even with the good testimonials people have written above, but whether it works or not its worth a try and these people clearly know what they are doing.
    Thanks Savemyusb!

  314. John White says:

    I had a USB stick which I couldn’t access anymore. This company successfully retrived the data within the timescale they promised. They telephoned me within minutes of receiving my query giving me instructions what to do next. When they had retrieved the data they phoned me on a Sunday to tell me! Their service was fantastic and would highly recommend them. John White

  315. Humayra says:

    My usbs not gettng recognised on any computers all my crsewrk is on it will u b able to recover it nd r u based in the uk??? Plz reply bk asap

  316. Helen W says:

    What a fantastic service! My daughter thought she had lost all of her ‘A’ level coursework when her memory stick snapped off inside her laptop. Luckily I found and I can honestly say the service was second to none. I was contacted by phone within 5 minutes of making my enquiry and the communication throughout was first class. If disaster should ever strike again I will definitely head straight to this website. All work was recovered and it was a pleasure to deal with this company. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  317. Fiona Lee-Allan says:

    An amazing quick service which does exactly as it says it will. My USB was in the post on Tuesday and returned Friday morning. My memory stick was broken in half and I really thought I had lost everything, a real life saver, thank you.

  318. jonathan phillips says:

    Wow you guys are like gods. You did just what you said you would. I will tell all of my frends about you if they get the same problem with their usb pens.
    Thanks guys your the best.
    Job done!!!!!!!

  319. Paul Waddoups says:

    Wow what a great sevice, just when I thought my life had ended with the detail I had lost they guys at Save My USB were amazing. Did exactly what it said on the tin.

  320. Mr Simmonds says:

    What a disaster – my daughter dropped her laptop with the usb in it which cracked on impact. Local data recovery companies said data could not be retrieved. Saw this company come up on internet search and registered. Got a phone call within minutes and having arranged for quick 48hr service we got a phone call the day after they got the USB stick telling us they had recovered everything. Disk was sent back to us the same day so my daughter had everything back for her GSCE course work within 4 days of the accident. Thanks very much and this service certainly worked for us.

  321. Debby Robinson says:

    What an absolute brilliant service and company that I cannot rate high enough especially all the help advice that Martin at gave me. My daughters USB was bent and broken and was told by another company that nothing could be done to retrieve my daughters very important course work (towards her final grade for college). One distraught daughter & upset mum thought she was going to fail until I searched the internet and found this website…and am I so glad I did….Having put all my info in I was called within 5 minutes, followed by an email with all the details on postage, which I sent off the following day. Martin telephoned me the very same day they received the USB with the wonderful news that everything my daughter had worked so hard for was retrieved. Excellent service and would highly recommend to anyone!
    Thanks x

  322. Jordan says:

    Save My USB were prompt, friendly and very good at communicating with me. I was contacted the moment I submitted an enquiry and was able to talk through my situation. I choose the 48 hour service and the whole thing was smoothly opperated. Best of all they managed to get my data back when my USB stick seemed to have died. I would definatley recommend SaveMyUSB to anyone.

  323. Helen says:

    Great service. The team responded immediately after I had registered my USB and were very reassuring and I had very prompt service. I would recommend SAVEMY USB to friends and colleagues.

  324. james taylor says:

    A real life saver!!!!! As a Teacher, I had 5 months of lesson plans, as well as vital tracking data stored on my USB. I don’t know what I would have done if the data was lost. Thanks to Save My USB, I don’t have to worry about that any more. They gave excellent service, at reasonable prices, and a fantastic turnaround. Thank you so much!!!

  325. Kirsty Campbell says: is fantastic ! Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s experiencing difficulties with their memory stick. Would have failed my uni exam no doubt without your help so was completely freeking out ! So glad my friend recommended you to me. Cant thank you enough. Excellent service and staff extremely helpful and friendly.

  326. Richard A Cochrane says:

    Save My USB responded immediately, and I mean immediately. My USB was completely dead and now my data is being posted back to me. Thanks again!

  327. Dee says:

    At first I was a bit wary… Here I was sending sensitive data to an unknown source, selected via a trawl through the internet. However my initial email enquiry resulted in an immediate phone call, outside of office hours on a Sunday evening. A few more concerns were laid to rest with an exchange of emails and reading their privacy and data protection policy.

    I sent off my stick expecting a 14 day turnaround as selected. I had email contact to confirm the safe arrival of my stick (I did send it by recorded delivery, but you never know!). The data was retrieved and returned well within the 14 days! A telephone call and an email notified me that my files were on their way.

    I certainly recommend I shall keep their information safe, just in case I or a colleague need their help in the future. If your USB stick is broken, what are you waiting for, contact I know it sounds like a sales pitch. I don’t work for the company, I am just one happy and relieved customer! – Dee

  328. Lily says:

    Great communication….very helpful…and my work has been recovered! Thank you.

  329. Karen Jarvis says:

    Great service. Retrieved all of my files when my USB stopped working. I would recommend using this company.

  330. Jo says:

    Was very nervous about sending my USB but what an excellent service. Save My USB kept me informed throughout and all my data was rescued and sent to me on dvd. Very impressed…..2 years of work saved!

  331. Ashley says:

    My USB pen died on me and i tried a couple of places to try get it fixed and none of them were able to recover my files so a friend recommended this site. I sent my pen away to SaveMyUSB yesterday at 5pm and i got a phone call tonight at just after 5pm to say they had successfully recovered my files..would definately recommend others to use this site :)

  332. Tina Babbs says:

    I went for the 48 hour service as my daughter’s A level coursework was all but lost and she had a deadline to meet. This in my eyes was our last chance. The service was simple and yes SUCCESSFUL I did not tell her that I was even sending what remained of the memory stick but her face this morning when I gave her the retrieved files was a picture. Thank you so much I would have no hesitation in recommending you on.

  333. Sheela says:

    A first class efficient and reliable service that do exactly what they say they do.

  334. Heather says: offers brilliant value, the service is excellent – friendly, fast and efficient and I felt that my data was in very safe hands. Thank you for saving months worth of work!

  335. Anonymous Student =D says:

    This website had gotten my files back to me. For a very reasonable price. Most of my freinds said my usb had been broken no way to fix it, but i put my trust into this website and my results came back as i wanted TY SAVEMYUSB!

  336. Vicky Broughton says:

    A very efficient and professional service – also much cheaper than everywhere else I contacted – all of my files were recovered saving me hours of work. Will definately recommend to my colleagues.

  337. May Westgate says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent service I will be more than happy to recomend you
    I had been quoted £120 from other companies. Your service was friendly and honest and much appreciated

  338. Erin says:

    Thanks to I have all my university work back saving me so many hours of work, especially when I had already written most of my essays and reports. When they say “24 hours contact” they really mean that as my USB broke at around 12AM and I was called immediately. Also when I emailed them the next night after realising I didn’t send my recovery authorization with it (again approx 1 o’clock) I was emailed back within minutes saying that that it was fine and not to worry. They also rang me to let me know that they had managed to save my work and let me know that payments had gone through fine and my files were their way. In all, I don’t think you can beat these guys for their customer service and getting your lost data back!

  339. John Mackey says:

    Many thanks for retrieving my daughter’s “lost” MA dissertation from a damaged USB stick. This has saved her many hours of work. Anybody who wants a fast , efficient USB recovery service should look no futher than “Savemyusb”.

  340. Zenab says:

    Made the impossible, possible for me….thank you ever ever so much!!

    • Recovery team says:

      Thanks Zenab, at we are at cutting edge of flash data recovery in the uk which enables us to recover data where other “repair centers” and technicians have failed…. Making the impossible, possible indeed!

  341. Lindsay says:

    Very friendly and efficient, all files recovered and returned to me quickly, even though it was Christmas. Would fully recommend. Thank you!

  342. Dylan James says:

    Finally a service that does what it says it can do efficiently, effectively and effortlessly!
    There’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you realize hours, months maybe even years of work has been completely lost! But thanks to savemyusb the feeling I got when my files were returned to me less than a week completely restored and in tact was amazing!!

    I could not recommend this service highly enough – fantastic!!

  343. paul mcnally says:

    A brilliant service. We were told that all are files were lost and could not be retrieved. saved all the files and at a most competive price.
    You can be sure that they will help you, when you think all is lost.

    Paul McNally LLB(hons).

  344. Hannah says:

    Chose the 14 day option but had my files back within a week which was excellent in the current weather conditions. So relieved, all my finals for uni were on my usb… absolute lifesavers… thanks so much!

  345. John says:

    First class service, excellent results I thought I had lost my data after I smashed my usb into bits but recovered all my data. I am so grateful, thanks guys.


  346. Eddy says:

    Put my USB stick in the post on Thursday evening and I had my data back on Tuesday morning despite the problems in the postal system caused by the cold weather and the Christmas rush. Particularly impressed that yours is not a Monday to Friday operation but that you were recovering my data even over the weekend.

  347. Shane Royle says:

    Very fast service and the lowest price around !

  348. Andy says:

    I was delighted you were able to retrieve all my files after the computer could no longer read my usb stick; I had lots of valuable files there which I had not fully backed up. Your service was excellent and the cheapest I could find.

  349. Chris Sprange says:

    Following an accident my USB pen was in several pieces including damage to the circuit board. Thanks to SaveMyUSB all my files were restored well within 48 hours. Thank you also for providing a very professional but above all an extremely friendly, prompt and helpful service.

  350. Novira Sabir says:

    I am thrilled to receive my lost files today, just two days after the team at Save My Usb got my usb in the post. My little girl stepped on it (while it was still plugged into the computer) and it snapped into two pieces! It had my entire dissertation on it and I was freaked out to say the least! I am extremely pleased to receive it today and just in time too! – Novira – Brunel University Student

  351. Kamal says:

    Way way faster than I expected. Excellent Service!!!

  352. Sophie Bullock says:

    My usb wont even register any of my computers? I definitely ejected it safely, crisis as it has all my uni work on it?

    Its a PNY 4GB…

    What are the chances of recovering my work??

    Many Thanks

    • The chances of us recovering your work are very high and in the unlikley event that we do not recover your data we do not charge a single penny! – All you need to do is register your repair with us by selecting a service plan on the home page. Thankyou!

  353. Ken Lang says:

    “Thanks for your prompt attention” – Ken Lang.